Sound in IF

What are people's opinions on sound in IF?
I am nearing the end of a project and debating whether I want sound in it. I know a lot of traditional IF doesn't have it but that feels more like a limitations thing than a design decision. Should there be sound for certain events? Or just ambient music/sound? Or is silence the only real way to go?

Just make sure you have a convenient way to turn it off at any point in the game. Other than that, I like sound in text games for building atmosphere or signaling that my actions have results.

I think sound can add significantly to a game and now have it in all of the ones I've worked on. Not all of the games have the option of switching it off but I'll fix that!

In some games, I started with basic sounds to flag an error or indicate that points were scored, but later added others for entertainment/atmosphere purposes. Very pleased with the results though obviously it up to others to decide!!

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