A rule system for your computer RPG

Hey, everyone. RPGs are a popular genre around here, but making up your own rules for them is tricky. I see people asking for help with that all the time. One solution is adapting generic rule systems, but those are usually designed for tabletop games, which means they assume a human GM will be present. As that's not the case in videogames, such conversions tend to draw criticism. And rules made for specific games, such as certain famous MMOs, they're probably not so great for simpler, single-player games either.

I recently finished writing down such a rule system (after it sat on my HDD at 90% completion since spring). It's called Battles&Balances, and everyone is free to use it. Being made for roguelikes originally, I'm not sure how well it would work in a Quest game, but a starting point is better than nothing. At least we're talking rules that were tested and refined in finished games. And you'll see it's pretty flexible, with all kinds of variant and optional rules already included, along with guidelines for making your own.

Hope this helps. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.

If I ever do an RPG then this looks good!

It's extremely certain, most people prefer to make their own rules. Yes, some people take or copy other people's works, but half of the time they give up in the middle of the work, or they change the formula.

I think people base rules on what thye have played in the past. If you like DnD RPGs, you make DnD styled RPGs. If you like modern RPGs, you make modern styled RPGs. The same goes for other parts of the game.

I think the mechanics have a big impact on the feel of a game; so I'd rather have a rules system built around the story.
That's why when I was poking at my version of a combatlib, I was trying to build a script which would allow just about any dice mechanics to be plugged into it.

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