Who would want to play a zombie apocalypse themed rpg gamebook?

I am working on a zombie apocalypse themed story but it will be a little different. You will have a character sheet to write down your character information like your name occupation and skills you specialize in as well as your health and items you pick up. All of these will affect the story line and bring more depth to the story. To proceed with the story instead of simply clicking a choice and getting a good or bad outcome you will have multiple factors that affect the outcome of the story such as if you have enough water or food to survive the day or if your health will suffer because you don't as well as needing certain skills or items to survive. Combat will be based on your overall strength skill as well as items you may have found like body armor will affect if you win a fight or not. There will be multiple outcomes both good and bad and some in between. Is anyone interested in playing something like this?

'Anonynn' is creating a (WARNING: ADULT 'TF') and acopocalypse themed RPG (non-gamebook / non-CYOA, using the Text Adventure quest version):


I'm sure lots of people would be interested: is not the 'Fallout' game series popular, interesting for lots of people? YES! So, your game will be too, even if it's only a limited RPG CYOA/GameBook type of game.

But... you have to make a....

GOOD/FUN (and not uber ridiculously short 'sandbox' game either) GAME, for people to like it, of course

Paper tracking of player stats works if you are playing with another person in a paper based game...
With a computer and the adventure program, the computer should be the one keeping track of this stuff...
You know, to prevent "fudging" outcomes...
And, it is so easy for Quest to keep track of that.

Other wise, if I haven scared you off yet... Go for it!

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