Inklewriter Issues


I've moved over from Squiffy to Inklewriter, but I was just wanting to ask a question. For dialogue, I usually like to leave a paragraph of space between each line of dialogue to aid the reader, so that the text doesn't just look like a block of text. When I try and do this, Inklewriter deletes the extra space. Is there a way to extend the space between the two set of writing? (P.S. I am not using the ... "run paragraph together" selection).


I found this on their site (in the game developers section):


This seems to work:



After reading and going back to 'write', it looks like this:


You may want to read this before continuing to use Inklewriter:

It looks like switching to Ink (which appears to be the engine that runs Inklewriter) would be the way to go:

I've been playing with Ink for about 30 minutes, and it's pretty neat!

Thanks! That is a shame that Inklewriter is closing down, I've only just moved to it. Thanks for linking to Ink. Do you know if it can be published on text

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