Ideas and help for MMO Survival game wanted

I've been playing a couple of games recently, namely CivClicker and A Dark Room, both of which have impressed with their simplicity and addictiveness.

They're known as Idle or Incremental games and work on a simple click basis, where the player performs actions, constructs buildings and grows a population by gathering resources and then balancing things. As the population grows more buildings and activities are unlocked.

Anyway, I would love to do something similar in Quest involving the survival of a small community of survivors following some kind of apocalypse (hardly original concept, I know, but I think it would work well with the format).

I'm asking for help because I suspect some JavaScript would be needed and I know nothing about it.

Thoughts appreciated.

this can definately be done with Quest, though it will involve some advanced coding: scriptings that create Objects/whatever and/or add scriptings (List/Dictionary Attributes) to stuff, Attribute and the 'if' Script usage, and etc code stuff.

there's a reality tv show called 'The colony' here in the U.S., on an apocalyptic town/"colony" that is trying to survive and grow (and deal with each other, along with whatever is outside of the town/"colony").

Yeah, nothing's ever simple, is it? :)

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