Tips for an Animal Crossing-esque game?

I want to create a game similar to the game about Equestria, but on an island with a hotel and plenty video game characters, but I don't know how to start. Can someone give me tips?

First learn to work with Quest, read the documentation, use the tutorial, create smaller test games, learn scripting and then start to develop your game. And, be aware that it will take at least six months to develop a good game

6 Months? Wow.

I'm personally not familiar with the type of game you want to make, so if you could provide more description/details about the type of game you want to make, as well as what and how you want within your game, would help us, help you. The more information you can give about what you want and how you want it, and etc, the more we can help you better. Explain about the game, what you want your game to be able to do, and how you want it to be able to do those things you want it to be able to do.

I spent 9 months on my first game and I classify it as good. Barely. =)

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