Need testers for one specific area

When I test my game, the browser's 'Back' button remains inactive throughout - which is precisely how I want it - but I've noticed that when playing other Twine built games this is not the case.

I've asked on the Twine forum what the deal is, and wasn't entirely clear on the answer I got, so I would really appreciate it if someone could launch the game, navigate through a few screens and report back with regards to the browser's '< >' buttons, and whether they were active or not.

It would also help if you state which browser you used.

Thanks in advance.

I agree. It is not active for your game, but it is for some other Twine games. It might depend on the version of Twine (I am familiar with 1.4), or the format (sugarcube, sugarcane, etc.).

Thanks, TP. I wasn't trying to prove anything to you, but a reply I had on the Twine forum mentioned something about certain browsers limiting history for html files run from a local hard-drive, and I wondered if it was only for me that the nav buttons were inactive. I'm using the latest desktop version of Twine and Sugarcube 2.11.0, which is the latest of that story format also.

Anyway, this is the answer I wanted. So far so good.

What browser did you use, by the way?



Just had it confirmed on Twine that the Sugarcube 2 story format (the one I'm using) doesn't support browsers' history API.

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