Absolute Beginner Needing Help

This probably has been posted before, but I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and ask for some help. I've never done this before but always had a need to tell a story but my outlets never really worked out. So I'm giving this a shot because I love storytelling and video games, but I have no design ability.

The premise of my game is about a hunter and without giving away everything, there's a lot of mystery surrounding his hunting cabin, and why he wakes up there with an aching head and a foggy brain (he doesn't drink either!). But I'm having a hard time finding free stock images of believable hunting cabin interiors. I can come up with my own audio (if what I'm looking for can't be found). Visual wise I'm looking for dark, rustic looking interiors (nothing fancy or mansion-like, so no "spa" cabins with hot tubs and immaculate windows and doors, this is pretty much a shack in the woods, with a small living space/kitchen with a tiny bathroom and bedroom which may or may not be seen.) Does anyone know where I can find free images like this? I say free because well honestly, I'm at the end of my rope in a part time job. I don't have a lot of money to work with. I was actually thinking of going into my Sims games and making the cabin interior, taking some screenshots and making some edits to them in another program if it comes to that.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.

Maybe give Pixabay a try?
It's a free site (just a registration needed) providing royalty free images in HD quality.
You can use them any way you like, but please read the terms of service first.


google searches:

creative commons (make sure you read the licenses of what's allowed/not allowed, as there's a few different licenses)
commons.wiki / commons.wikimedia
public domain images
etc etc etc

(again, you need to try to make absolutely certain that it is actually legal... not an easy thing to do for all of us who're not lawyers, and it's not even easy for lawyers... the law is murky and complicated on what's allowable and what's not)

(laughs, I'm actually taking a digital media 101 school class right now, and just had this as our reading content for this week, lol)

Thanks for the suggestions, thats where I'm worried is the legal stuff. I've found pictures that would work, but its ShutterStock stuff and that isn't free, and the legalities of all of it make my brain hurt.

I have a friend who is an artist, maybe if nothing else works I can ask if she'll draw me up a few things.
Thanks guys (or girls)!

you can always try asking for permission (and obviously getting it recorded/documented), but otherwise, unless you're creating your own work (actually creating you own work is still at risk as you can copy/use others' work as an example for what you do, and that too is protected by law, and you're in legal risk again anyways), you're taking a risk legally, aside from the few legal certainties out there, but you still have to be sure you've got those legal certainties and/or understand them.

You can also get a copy of DAZstudio from DAZ3d.com, it's free, and render the images you want. It has a good tutorial, comes with good, free content, and there's a ton of free 3d content for it on the net.

You can also try "royalty free" images :)


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