The coding for conversation seems weird to me

Hi. I've run into a problem with working with conversations.
I've created a new game and started from scratch. To sort of "reverse engineer."
I use the web version. This is what it looks like.
Then I took that and put it into my other game. This is what that looks like.
Then I get this message.
So I don't really get why I'm getting this message.
The way to code for a conversation seems weird to me.
Also, I have no idea what happened to my other thread. Oh well, Ce la vie.

Edit: *-Smacks head- I got it to work. I just had to edit the 'command.'
The error message is still there, though.
I don't know why they don't put that in any of the how to's........

I moved your other post to the 'Quest Forum'. That forum is for help with code/game problems you have while making games. This forum is more for game design ideas and discussion.


I can't see your pictures... "File not found"...
Altho, this version does open your album to see your posted pictures.
(I just hope I did not accidently hack your album!!! that was not my intent!)

conversation/dialogue (and many other such 'rpg' systems: equipment, magic, items, combat, stealth, journal/records/notes, quest/mission/tasks, etc) is NOT easy to code, only really good programmers can code in really good dialogue/conversation systems.

conversation/dialogue design can be very simple (but not very scalable) or very advanced (very scalable), also, it can be very poorly/sloppily done or very well done. All of this stuff for consideration depends on what you want/need to do for your game's conversation/dialogue. There's many designs/methods for doing conversation/dialogue, which again range in quality and/or scalability. Since there's so many designs, it's best if you can define/describe what you want clearly, and then we can help you with it.

@ZanMag Sorry. Did not know. ^^'

A simple way to do it would be to start the conversation...
Then control what the player could say...
(you type): Talk to barkeep
He says "Hi, what could I get you?"
1- A stiff drink
2- A room for the night
3- information
(Select 1,2 or 3)

Then control it from there. #3 could go to a sub menu for more options...

Or create commands that are triggered by clicking a link so it would display

A stiff drink
A room for a night

(Disable the parser for those sequences)

You know back in my day we had to >ask bartender about drink, uphill in the snow, and we were grateful.

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