Do you remember...

This is a long shot, but let's go back to the mid to late 80's-- around the era of the 80286 computer. There is a text adventure (of which I have no idea what the title may be) where you play a kid, you go into the kitchen and your mom is there, she sees you and stabs you with a knife. Did you play this? Is this even real? If it is, I can't find a damn thing about it.

Mr. ChewyCheeks.

I've been playing IF since the same era but I'm afraid that particular one doesn't ring any bells, sorry. You could try looking through this list of classics to see if any jog a memory:

I think that lists about 10% of them...

Thanks, this is a list I hadn't looked at yet. No luck though. Will let you know if any other details arise.

Well dang. That escalated quickly. But I dont have any info on the game. Ill reply if I do find some though.

Maybe try the "Unwinnable by Design" on TV Tropes? I don't play (old, before this year) text adventures, sorry. That's the best I got.

Here's the link.
"There are plenty of difficult games out there, but at least most of them have the decency to kill you off the moment your quest becomes impossible to complete — otherwise you'd end up wandering around looking for a way to progress when none exist. Now, in the case of games that are Unwinnable by Mistake it's kind of understandable — either a bug or an oversight has rendered the game broken so there's no way for it to tell the player how screwed they are."

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