What's the best way to produce a text-adventure as an html file?


Let me save you some time, ahem, "write it in html!"
Well, yes, that would probably work great. Unfortunately, I'm not fluent in html at the moment, and part of my problem is limited free time to pursue all this. I've really enjoyed working with quest, and I love playing and writing IF. However, I do have limited free time these days, and I would like to be able to say that if I'm putting this much work into a quality game, I might be getting SOMETHING back.

So, I want to publish games for kongregate (they share ad-profits), but to make best use of that the games need to be in certain languages compatible with their API. It's a short list, and the simplest one is html. Even straight javascript seems to pose some problems. As it is, I put up Day Of Honor in an iframe, and it works, but I can't participate in the core features of their site that way (letting players earn badges, compare scores, etc.), and I can't really make it exclusive either (their profit sharing percentage is versatile, and you get more for exclusive titles).

I've been hunting around for a program like Quest, Inform, etc. that would produce a game in html format, and so far the only thing I've found is ZTAB, which appears to have original been written in french. It uses the term "facts" to refer to what I believe are rooms and items. It's not as user friendly as Quest. Also, it claims to be able to export its games as HTML, RTF, PDF, EPUB, Advelh, Twine, Quest, or Ren'Py, which just feels...suspicious.

So, any suggestions? Have I overlooked something obvious?
Am I a complete sell-out? All comments welcome; my pride is now dead.





I've been considering Squiffy. The only problem is that it's really designed only for gamebooks, as I understand it. I was hoping to make a sequel to Day Of Honor, and I wanted to maintain consistency of it being an actual text-input style adventure. However, I'm also considering remaking it altogether as a longer piece. If need be, I may just "reboot" the series as gamebooks. I prefer actual text-adventures, but ... I'm considering it. It would certainly solve the html problem, and I'm confident I'd enjoy using Squiffy.


QuestKit would solve it if it ever sees the light of day.


Actually Quest 6 might do what you need which Alex has committed to ship, alongside the new owners.

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