Im currently looking for ideas for a game using Quest. What kind of game would you like to see? (can't promise that it will be the best you could get but, ill try my best)?

Maybe, you'd be interested in joining the quest group project? (at the very least, it could help give you some ideas for doing your own game)


I want ideas for games that people want to see (Example:A game about living life with superpower or somthin) basicly ideas the community wants to see!

Also, im very new...

Do a sci fi themed story like where you can be a captain of a starship in space like Star Trek or something.

use games that already exist for ideas/inspiration (and/or what's popular with people):

Skyrim, Fallout, Warcraft, Mass Effect, Halo, (other RPGs), (other types of games), etc etc etc

look at (read about) various:

NES, SNES, GB, Sega, PS 1-N, XBOX, PC/Apple, etc console/computer games

tv shows, movies, books/comics/manga, anime, etc media/literature

... Idea Master to the rescue!!!
Back in the old days... Pre-PC, at a time when people bought computers, they came with Basic.
They also bought books with type-in programs and games. People would spend hours typing in those programs and more than not, spent just as much time trying to find the typo that caused all sorts of problems...

I believe there are on-line versions of those books with their type in games.
If you want to go that route, I can teach you enough Basic to translate it to Quest. But others here will need to teach you how to refine your skills to program better in Quest.
My Wumpus game is one of those flash backs.
(Now that you read that, skip it...)

But the simple answer, start small, make a world you move around in, add descriptions, add objects, add people, add talk to people... Explore what you can do, learn how to do what you can't....

You need a theme to start with, waking up one day with super powers is a good start...
For background, have the player go through his humdrum life, then, while walking to work one day, he sees a car crash and has an opportunity to help... If he helps, he can lift the car with ease, (super power: strength added) if he does not help, he is still humdrum...
Later, he sees a person fall out of a tall building... if he wants to "help", then he flies up and catches him... (super power: flight added)
... and so on...

Thanks guys! But i want ideas not how to make a game !

Write what you want to write because you are good at writing it (and you want to do it). In the end, that is all that matters. It's not like writing a TA on Quest is going to make you famous. Just write. If you want "Quest Fame" and lots of plays... then I would suggest one of those ridiculous giantess/vore/warrior cat games.

But, I'd write whatever makes you happy to write, not what someone suggests that you write.

Happy gaming.

Read some of mine for ideas if you want.

Hey, im now making a game and i have a part where you fall out of a tree. I want my text to say "You attempt to climb the tree, you do after awhile then, you fall. Your health is now (Player health would be here to make sure they are aware of them beig damaged and i need a way to have it say the current health, could you help?)

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