Creating an Ace Attorney like game


I've already made another post in another section of the forum, but I realise now it might have been more pertinant to post here insted. (Sorry for that) I would like to create an Ace Attorney type game, (mostly the cross examination part), which would mean a few thing:

1- I need the have close option, preferably with clickable choice

2- I need a life counter, as player would be able to make a limited amout of mistake.

3- I need an inventory, for counter-fact

4- I need the ability to create text loop, with the capacity to change only a part of the loop (if possible for the secound part)

5- I would like to be able to have an ancyclopedia, as there might be a lot of new therms, or things I won't whant to repeat every 10 second because it's needed like two chapter later. Also, it could be usefull for it to be accessible at all time.

I look everywhere for a good editor for that kind of project, and Quest seems to be the closest I found. If someone could help me, either by explaining me how to do it with Quest, or by suggesting me another program, it would be apreciated.


Personally I'd use Squiffy, but you would need a good knowledge of Javascript too.

By good, you mean how much? Like cumputer logic and about 20 command, or like the whole dictionary?

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