Get Me Wet! (seeking help)

Without giving too much away...

Imagine being in a maze of rooms located under a massive rock formation that's in the middle of a very dry desert...

Now... for undisclosed reasons^, I need eight of those rooms to have some source or reference to water in the room - some physical object connected somehow to water. I have the obvious - a trickle of water, a cavernous pit with water at the bottom, etc, along with some not so obvious references which I shan't reveal.

Bottom line... I need one more, hopefully clever, object that in some form or fashion (obvious or not) has a reference to water.

Your help is appreciated and you will be recorded in the annals of X3 history for your assistance. Thanks!

^Disclosed reason - If by some chance you play this game upon release, I don't want you to cheat!

A low layer of mist?

A solar-powered sauna?

Carved representations of the constellations cancer, scorpio, and pisces?

A big ♆ symbol?

Tide marks on the walls that might indicate a room has been flooded in the past?

If you have a cave with natural (irregular) walls, a past flood could have left all the buoyant objects in the room around the edges, at the highest point it came to.

Stalactites and stalagmites? (hoping I spelled those right off the top of my head)

Ooh. I’m liking the past flood thing. I could even use one of the objects in the wall as an object I need later in the game. I’ll explore that.


  1. sedimentary rock (similar to mrangel's tide layers)
  2. aquatic organism fossils/bones in the rock
  3. humid (high humidity: hot and wet) climate/air
  4. smooth or rounded cave/tunnel (from erosion and/or a past river running through it, though this could be from lava/magma too, wink, hehe. Or any liquid state, doesn't have to be water... mercury or whatever poisonous, and/or corrosive:acidic/basic, chemical/element/compound, hehe)

A message in a bottle could be a past flood thing...

The letters HIJKLMNO written on the wall?


Check your Quest Mailbox!

Magic rock that leaks water.

Actually, some rocks are made from a lot of water...

And underground rivers.

In the same vein as Father, the second of three volumes of an encyclopedia, going from H to O.


I didn't get that until Pixie wrote it as "H to O"!

Is this your first text adventure?! Haha.

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