Easiest Infocom game?


Hi. Which Infocom game do you consider the easiest. Zork is no cakewalk for me, but I don't know if Wishbringer is the ideal place to start.

Thanks in advance :)


Wishbringer is one of the Infocom introductory titles. I believe the others are Seastalker and Moonmist. If you are into Fantasy it's a good game to start with. I'd prefer Planetfall, though.


Planetfall was a blast...
It was nice with the add ins that were included in the original.
I think, somewhere, I still have the patch "Boldly going where Angles fear to tread"...
(At least, I think there was a patch, maybe it was just a logo...)
Cut throat (island?) I could not finish.
There were issues of doing some things at the right time or talking to the right person at the right time...

Did you find a site with the old Infocom games?


Yes, a couple of years ago I found a German site that had them all, together with scans of the manuals and other docs that you need to play some of the later games. Don't remember the site, but still got all the games...


Back in the heyday of text adventures, I played a lot of them on my Atari 800...
Still got them too... May have lost the accessories tho...

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