Hey, I'm looking for something which can allow me to play interactive stories like what's here on an e reader like (specifically, kindle). Does anybody know something like this? Or is there a way to convert squiffy or quest files into MOBI, EPUB or other ereader formats?

I don't think Quest or Squiffy has this functionality, but I know i've seen a gamebook creating tool in the past which can output to a Kindle book. I believe that doing so makes it fairly limited in what variables you can use; but it works.

hmm, can you tell me how to find this tool?

No idea, sorry. Can't remember which one it was.

I only remember it because I started building my own system that does the same thing. More recently I've tried adapting it so that it can export as a Quest gamebook as well, to make the filesize smaller. Haven't quite got it finished, though.

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