Gamebook with a map (Opinions please)


So I spent six hours making a map that you can move trough.

I would like to know if I am completely wasting my time by trying to do something that the game book is not supposed to support.
Or I should just keep trying?

Even though I said this took me six hours to make, I can probably learn to do it faster.
Or maybe this is very easy and I am fooling myself, I don´t know, I just want opinions.

(Please download the file, playing on the web is impossible.)

EDIT: Well, this is embarrassing, the few hundred lines of code for 400 map tiles is causing trouble with playing the game on a web browser. That pulls a coffin nail into this design.

I haven't got this running in my browser, but can't you use a javascript solution to dynamically update a map?

Interesting idea. How do you see this being used in a game? I have been kind of thinking of something similar for handing combat in a sci-fi game, allowing the player to see enemy positions.

You might want to look at using SVG (I guess it can be used in game books), for a more slick look.

Both are interesting...
Graphic games in a text "only" program...
I know BASIC, but very little about Quest...
Looking at you map experiment...
Your code:

if (GetInt(game, "Y") = 4) {
if (GetInt(game, "X") = 1) {
SetCounter ("Position", 61)

Could this be done this way:
P=GetInt(game,"Y")*20 + GetInt(game, "X")
SetCounter("Position", P)
and say this once instead of 400 times???
And for the position "block"
Could Quest for a loop like this:
for a=1 to 400
{if Position=a:÷}
{if Position<>a:░}
next a
(And thanks for showing your code, that is a treasure trove of how the parts work together!!!)

thetruespin: To be honest, I don´t know what that is and I will probably have to look that up.

The Pixie: Well, there can be a sci-fi game that would use this map just as an orientation tool for all the different planets and locations in this huge area of space.

So if you are at Position 1 then you are given a link to enter the solar system.

I plan to implement nebulae and there are flags coded in that detect if you have "stepped" on a tile already, giving me huge options for "fog of war". (But I had to put that ░ everywhere because otherwise it would bug out.)
Simply, I do have plenty of ideas on how to use this.

And I already plan to create a separate "map" that would serve as an instance for combat encounters in space.
If I can find some special trick or anything, I will be probably able to put moving asteroids into it.

Thanks for that SVG link, I really need to start reading some stuff about this.

DarkLizerd: Maybe, but I have zero knowledge about functions... (That is a function right?)
First I need to learn on how to use that and probably then I will start to have an idea about what you just suggested.

So sorry guys, I come asking for opinions and then I am unable to respond properly because of my laziness to learn proper coding.

Lazy??? you wrote 4K lines of code to test an idea that may or may not work....
AND, if it does work, you may go a different route for what you are going to create!!!
Lazy??? not by a mile... (or 4,000 of them)
You created, perhaps "badly", a way to create graphical games in a text only environment...
(Welcome to the life of a game programmer of 1970's!!!)
Anyone remember "ASCII" graphic games???

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