Eden Kit

So... I have decided to share a game with you.
The name is Eden Kit (http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/p6i_o9scuuy1vtbnhy4_wg/eden-kit)

Survive voyage trough space, decide what to bring with your on your voyage.
Settle down on a planet and start up your colony.
Survive winter and feed your colonist or die.
(Once you set up your food sources, there is no other gameplay)

WARNING!!!: Keyboard input required to progress with game. (Arrow up/down/left/right)

Current features:
-Seasonal temperature mechanics, planets get cold in winter (snow!) and hot in summer.
-Map system.
-Farms require above 14C°C temperature to grow food for at least two months.

(Abandoned project, decided to share anyway.)

To control the game you will use those keybinds:

-Mouse: Click on map to move faster.
-SPACEBAR: Time progression.

I have played my own game on the website and I am extremely dissatisfied with the delay, sometimes I have to wait 30 real life seconds to move one tile.

Any experienced coders, is there an alternative to Quest that could handle what I am trying to do with my game?
Preferably as easy as this is (As a non-coder I found it very natural and intuitive to learn to do stuff like this)

I was not aware the delay is that huge, on my desktop version in editor, there is like 400ms delay.
But here, it is literally unplayable.

I must find an alternative and continue my work there.

E:After some googling, I have decided I am going to try my hand at github and start doing some javascripting.

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