Seems a bit weird for a forum about TA not to have a recommendations thread, so I'm starting one. I may have done so before but it will have been closed now because of the 60-day, no-replies rule.

Anyway, as we all know good TA are very few and far between, and while our recommendations can only ever be subjective, it should unearth the odd game that others may also enjoy.

Anyway, I'll start with this. I was on youtube the other day searching for stuff on TA and found a walkthrough for this game. I kind of wish I hadn't watched it becuase it spoiled my enjoyment of playing, but I think this is very good.

I could have done without the interface and 'typewriter' effect, but certainly worth a playthrough.

Gameplay video:

I played this the other day. Really enjoyed it and nice to see a hybrid graphical text adventure getting decent publicity.

Agreed. It's quite encouraging when you consider that aside from the graphical interface and effects, the text adventure itself is pretty simple and could easily have been done with Quest.

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