Feedback on the new parser, please?

Hi all,
Just the other day Ted and I released Beached! (Prelude) to this forum. It was initially intended to be nothing more than an alpha game to testdrive the new parser and interface. But after testing it ourselves, we found that the game itself had some potential.

Our goal is to write a large sequel to Beached! (part 1) using this new engine. So, we now wonder how you feel about the parser. It would be great to improve it, based on your feedback and fresh ideas. Feel free to comment on anything you can think of.

Thx in advance!

What does the new parser do, without getting technical?
Before responding, it performs 9 tasks to avoid misunderstanding your commands as much as possible:
*) Some typos are recognised and corrected automatically.
*) Nouns and verbs are analysed separately to simplify the command. Great for non-native English players.
*) Irrelevant words are run through seven synonym libraries, making sure nothing goes misinterpreted.
*) Multiple commands are cut into pieces and checked. When valid, the most profitable one is executed.
*) Incomplete commands might be responded to if the verbs or nouns are recognised.
*) Unrecognizable commands are responded to, indicating if they lack a known noun or verb.
*) Unwanted or not yet discovered objects will be pointed out.
*) Common swearwords and some cursing are cut out.
*) Totally absurd commands might get a similar response, beware!


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