Where to go next?

I'm currently writing an IF game, and yes, I'm aware. So is everyone else. But I like the way mine is turning out and I don't want to abandon it like I have other writing projects I've gotten stuck on in the past, so here I am, requesting help. If you're bored and want to read an extreme WIP, could you do me a huge favor and give me some ideas about where to go from here? (Here being the point the path you were on stopped.) And some feedback on the narrator would be great. (They aren't the most conventional, so I want to know if people like them.) The link to play it is here: https://writer.inklestudios.com/stories/hxm4

You need to check the link as it gives me a 404 error

Use https, http dont works in mobile for inklewriter.

Just a heads up... I am not a fan of CYOA, but I did give it a look.

The writing is pretty good and the choices seems to lead to incredibly different paths. This is good. The only thing you might want to consider for the future is how you will bring different paths back to a similar story rather than making each path its own completely different story. I haven't messed with gamebooks, but in my opinion, this is the toughest part of them. How can I make the choices meaningful and lead to a different feel at the end even though the story basically remains the same.

I know that is probably zero help, but there is so little to go on to advise 'where to go next'. Focus on the story lines and how they each tell a unique, reasonable story that makes the reader feel like their decisions actually matter.

Best of luck.

Thanks so much for the feedback! What I'm planning on doing in the end, is in fact, having each story lead to radically different ends. Many games that I've played/read end basically the same way, and I want my game to be on you can play over and over again and never get the same ending.

you may also want to look at (and play) Jay's (JayNabonne's) game for ideas/inspiration:

Spondre ( http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/games/topic/4883/spondre )
(re-arrangement of: respond)

and here's a game with branching paths of its story:


that you can use for ideas

and here's links on if you want a questionaire to determine your character's starting (or what type of) personality/alignment/etc:


if you want to have this sort of thing

Thank you!

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