My First Game

so i created a little game
well actually a game series its called: The Darkness Of Houseing Mazes
its still not checked by a moderator but i still hope someone will play this crappy game that i made
here is the link for the prologue:
thanks for reading (or whatever)

I have the knife but I can't work out how to cut anything with it!

Have to admit calling it a "crappy game" doesn't encourage me to play it.

The oven is not visible in the kitchen.
' use knife on wallpaper ' is not intuitive...
cut wallpaper (with knife) is what a player would think of...
But I can't take the bloody knife???!!!
'use ball on microphone' … ???
No clue that anything happens.
Oh, the oven shows up later...
(What typos???)
It's a start, but nothing is answered about your identity...

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