Who wants a nearly-endless universe sim?

In the beginning there was nothing.

So it's up to you to create something!

Mind over Matter is an immersive simulation all based around your brain controlling the world around you. You play as a god, trying to make a universe, but adding in elements of progression. You collect neurons (skill points) by completing certain quests, and also through mining, making planets, destroying planets, etc. You use neurons to upgrade your brain (I know, kinda weird) and unlock new powers like creating sentient life and forms of extreme power, such as starforce.

But, here's the catch.

When you complete a whole page of neuron-unlocks, you can prestige that page at any point, meaning you lose all those abilities and start that page from scratch. However, you also unlock a single prestige point. This unlocks the Master Neuron, which allows you to buy all sorts of different upgrades, such as being able to cast meteors at planets to mine them, growing moons as crops, being able to send things into your next savegame (no, it's not capped either, so you can send all your power-gen equipment if you like!). These prestige upgrades are global, so once you buy one, it's yours forever.

Once you unlock all of these Master Neuron upgrades, you win. Then you have two options: play through again normally with all those upgrades, or ascend and pick an insane power but reset your game. Or, y'know, you could just click that button in the top-right hand corner that says 'Restart'. Yeah. Right...


Sounds interesting.

Both Visual Studio and textadventures.co.uk have a 20 MB upload limit. That being said, Xanmag was able to upload a 24 MB game, sp the limit seems to be semi flexible.
The game would need to be played on the desktop/computer, or uploaded to an alternative website.
That being said, I would be interested in trying out such a game.

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