The Foundation - Sequel to The Shack, coming this winter!

No Spoilers

Dive deeper into the story of The Protagonist, as you navigate the mystery of their place in the world.

The Foundation follows on directly from the end of The Shack. You are immediately placed back into The Protagonist's shoes (or bare feet) to unravel the mystery surrounding the events of the previous game.

The Foundation features:

A direct continuation of the story, without missing a beat. The plot moves unpredictably as you journey through the world of The Foundation! I highly recommend completing The Shack before continuing with The Foundation.
An "escape room" style first scene, in keeping with the theme of The Shack.
over 80 detailed locations compared to 50 in the previous title.
The attention to detail and verbose descriptions, with the ability to examine almost everything in the world for clues and world building, that System Masters is known for.
The same logical puzzle solving and difficulty you loved about the first game in the series.

Sequel to the number one rated text adventure on the site*

I can't wait for you all to experience The Foundation!


*As of October 2021

I've just updated The Shack to v 1.8 as well. Patch notes are on the game page here:

The Foundation needs extra time in the oven.

It will now release on: 22/2/22

Thank you for your patience!

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