Game Idea: Pixel Palace

Hi, everyone. I'm Demonic BB. Yes, that does mean Balloon Boy. Fite me.

I just wanted to see your reaction about a game idea I've had for a while now. What if I take video game characters and have them all live on a hotel resort in some sorta alternate dimension from Earth, and you get to visit that place, get a room, get autographs, get pets, get furniture, get- You get the point.

The name of the game would be named after the hotel: Pixel Palace.

Of course, I am a real noob at designing text, if anyone could give me tips, that would be great.

Anyway, just leave your thoughts below.

Well, you have a broad concept, at least!

When you say things like "get pets, get furniture", it starts to sound like a Sims sort of game. I don't know if that's what you intend or not. It's all a bit vague, even as concepts go.

Basically, you need to bring it down from the rafters (or the "blue sky") and work out some details. What do players do? What is the point? What makes it fun (or otherwise worthwhile)?

The last question is especially relevant for people who will be trying out your game. Keep in mind that what makes a game fun to create may not be the same as what makes it worth playing by someone else.

At the end of the day, the concept itself is less important than what you do with it.

I tend to go a bit overboard. Maybe remove the pets and furniture. Plus, you might have a point. I don't want it to be a sims game where you have to monitor hunger, thirst, ect. I just want it to be a huge crossover...that isn't Smash Bros.

There's also the trouble with copyright. If I do this, I may end up in deep trouble. I basically want this to be like that Ponyville text adventure here, but without ponies.

I am, however, planning on having at least one totally original character, who'll be the owner of the hotel, as well as the island.

I'm personally not familiar with the type of game you want to make, so if you could provide more description/details about the type of game you want to make, as well as what and how you want within your game, would help us, help you. The more information you can give about what you want and how you want it, and etc, the more we can help you better. Explain about the game, what you want your game to be able to do, and how you want it to be able to do those things you want it to be able to do.

Have you played the text adventure where you're a pony in ponyville? Where you can roam around, increase relationship status with everyone else and basically live as a pony?

I want to do that, but without all the ponies and instead with video game characters.

no, I haven't, lol. (I've hardly played any games... as I'm trying to learn to code and make my own games... uber slowly, argh, lol)

alright, so basically the only RPG aspect is a 'relationship scale of say 0 to 100', based upon presumably dialogue choices (or whatever mechanism, meh) with the npcs, right? (which is done via using a Integer Attribute on your npcs)

if this is the case/correct, then you just need to learn about Attribute usage (and maybe the 'if' Script usage too).

in the GUI~Editor, you use/do this for Attribute usage:

'whatever' Element (Verb, Function, Command, 'game' Game Object's 'start' Script Attribute, 'whatever' Object's Script Attribute, Turnscripts, Timers, etc) -> run as script -> add new script -> 'variables' section/category -> 'set a variable or attribute' Script -> [EXPRESSION] -> (see below for setup)

Integer/Double Attribute Addition/Incrementing:


replace my 'OBJECT_NAME' with the name of your Object

replace my 'ATTRIBUTE_NAME' with the name of your Attribute

replace my 'Value_Amount' with the amount (an, integer:non-decimal or double:decimal, number) you want to increase your Integer/Double Attribute by

for an example (in code, which is a bit different than the GUI~Editor's syntax):

// OBJECT_NAME: npc1
// (Object: npc1)
// ('npc1' Object's 'relationship' Integer Attribute is below)
// ATTRBUTE_NAME: relationship
// ('npc1' Object's 'relationship' Attribute's Value: 0 // see below too)
// (Operation: addition/increment: +)
// Value_Amount: 5

npc1.relationship = 0 // initial/old set Value // see above too

npc1.relationship = npc1.relationship + 5
// new: npc1.relationship = (old: npc1.relationship: 0) + 5
// new: npc1.relationship = (0) + 5

// new: npc1.relationship = 5

// ---

// old: npc1.relationship = 5

npc1.relationship = npc1.relationship + 5
// new: npc1.relationship = (old: npc1.relationship: 5) + 5
// new: npc1.relationship = (5) + 5

// new: npc1.relationship = 10

// ---

// old: npc1.relationship = 10

npc1.relationship = npc1.relationship + 5
// new: npc1.relationship = (old: npc1.relationship: 10) + 5
// new: npc1.relationship = (10) + 5

// new: npc1.relationship = 15

etc etc etc


if you can understadn this, you can read/study it for greater detail on Attribute (and the 'if' Script) usage:

ask if you got any questions or need any help or are confusd with anything in it.

...Yeah, I am a bit confused.

From the other thread you started, take the advice of Pixie. Quest isn't a magic wand you wave and poof game is created. It takes time. The idea you have is a good one but the implementation is not a simple idea. I would create a few small games. With each game you will learn a bit more. After a few games, you will be able to understand some of these more complex things you have in mind. My first game took 8-9 months AFTER I flopped around goofing off with other train wreck mini-games I was working on. My two smaller, intermediate games, were completed within a few days. My second big game I finished in about 4-5 months. My 3rd, currently a WIP, I imagine I could get finished within a couple months. Each game is more complex. My point is, the more you use Quest, the easier it becomes. Start small. Run into problems. Ask for solutions. Learn a bit. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You'll eventually be able to create any TA you really have in mind. But right now, for the Quest community to help you achieve what you have in mind, you really will need a broader foundation to code from. Trust me. I've been there! =)

Good luck!

if you're completely new to coding... it'll take some time to try to teach it to you / for you to learn the basics. I'd be happy to help if you're interested.

programming Attributes in quest are your in-game stats/attributes (and also are much much more too - often hidden usage from the person playing the game or from even game play itself).

if you're interested, see if you can follow this step by step guide (it'll hopefully help you grasp attributes and their usage better):

and (if you did it right) then play/test it :D

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