Requesting testers for a new parser game

Hi, all!

I've just finished testing my game myself for the 1,000th time, and I believe it's ready for other people to test out.

It's a parser, made using Inform 7. (I am currently porting it to Quest, as well.)

Do you have some free time and two cents to pitch in?
If you do, I'd love to hear your feedback!

Hey, this is really good. like it a lot.

I'm going to play it more, but here's some initial feedback;

  • great atmosphere and humour.

  • only minor problems (browser version):
    open door -> no door here, open basement door -> ok.
    after being thrown out of buildings with the horse, the direction doesn't work for a while. eg S (to hardware store), then S again is ignored. until you leave and come back.

  • other random stuff:

was disappointed i couldn't kill EVERYONE, but hey, i guess that would ruin things.

everyone i met seemed to only have one response. ask jerry about icebox etc. would be nice to have a few things you could ask about.

I like the presentation. i think this game has potential.


Hi, jkj yuio!

Thanks for the feedback (and the compliments)!

I fixed most of those bugs.

Some of the characters are talkative, and vice-versa. (Jerry is based on my uncle, and therefore acts just like him: really grumpy.)

I'm glad you enjoy it so far, and keep that feedback coming, please! I appreciate it!


I took the display settings back to basics due to an issue with the MORE prompt.

Check it out, poke holes in it, and tell me why it sucks (please)!

Thanks all!

Played the original. Really enjoyed it. I'd post all the reasons that it "sucks" here but I've already addressed them with you. Should I test out the game as you have ported it to Quest? Would be glad too if you thinking some might have been lost in translation. Let me know.

But in all seriousness, fellow gamers... give it a go. Very nice game.

Thanks, XanMag!

Q. Should you test the Quest port once it's ready?
A. You're darn tootin'! (And I'd appreciate it!)

It'll be done soon. (It would probably be ready right now if I could stay off of the forum for more than 5 minutes! (Can't... stop... learning. Must... close... browser... Aaargh!)

But seriously folks:

If you've completed the game without...

Wait, wait, wait...


If you've completed the game without Lester Moore joining your group, you should definitely play again!

(You can enter EASY GOING MODE when the game begins, and Lester will automatically show up.)

Another spoiler

You should definitely put the severed hand in the fixing cabinet, too!

Can't find the fixing cabinet?

I used Twine to make a fairly extensive HINTS 'gamebook':

You can also send me a message if you need help or get stuck or just to share your two cents.

Thanks, again, XM!

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