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No jokes, uncle Jerry...

The game will be released to the public shortly.

"Hold on to your butts."

  • Ray Arnold

Who's in charge around this here forum anyway?

The Pixie, manowar, some XanMag guy too.

Hm. I'm not in charge around here!! Not me. "No way. No how. Not for nobody."

@QFQ - an email has been sent!!

Richard Headkin somewhat. More-so than K.V. ... that's a joke.

I thought it was just The Pixie and Manowar.

Now, the website itself is ran by Manowar, and some other random guys I don't know about.

Are you guys telling me there's someone in charge here?!?

That poor [expletive deleted]!!!

Someone should make a 'thank you' game for whoever has to deal with all of us!

I heard (from the grapevine) that XanMag used to be in charge of Jack.

...but Jack left town WAY before I came along.

Why don't you get on that, slacker!

Something like that would be like a mini group project... It would require at least three collaborators.

You wouldn't have any interest in such a thing, would you XM?

...and what about DL? I can see DL being involved, as well...

You wouldn't have any interest in such a thing, would you XM?



XanMag has been working on a game involving music and beer...

(I've seen some of the code. Shh! Don't tell anyone!)

Doubtful... That guy's not a good Quest writer..
(story writer... maybe, Basic code master... sure... but not Quest.)


I know XM personally (and carnally) and he is [expletive deleted] great at everything.

Just ask him. Or Gal... if you happen to run into her...


That guy's not a good Quest writer..

He doesn't have to be.

We're like family up in here! We've got each other's backs!

I didn't even know how to spell coad three or four months ago, and look at me now!

Hooked on the Quest forum worked for me!

"I know XM personally (and carnally) and he is [expletive deleted] great at everything.
Just ask him. Or Gal... if you happen to run into her..."

I hope you're joking... Wait, XanMag is a girl!?
Please don't make jokes like that.

XM is pure DUDE who has a filthy little crush on Gal.

Soon, the world will see!

here's the bog about the (new) quest staff/team:

but this is old... not sure if some personnel have changed up a bit... Pixie is the main forum poster (as well as developing quest and writing/creating guides/libraries for us, and whatever else he does as well with quest). Manowar is in charge of the quest servers. Not sure if this includes the quest site/forum, and/or if Pixie is the admins of the quest site/forum or if Manowar is, or both, meh. I hope Jay is still involved/helping/around with quest, but he's definately not been posting anymore, sighs. Jay and Pixie were the most knowledgeable and helpful posters here, but it's just been Pixie now (and KV too... a user who've learned a lot of coding and quest, quickly... sighs). From time to time, Pertex will post too, if there's an unanswered post, as he's also very knowledgeable and knows quest well, like Pixie and Jay. Most are probably busy with real life and/or managing/working on quest behind the scenes, from the public eye/forum-posting.

I try to help... too (somewhat code knowledgeable), and we got some other users too, who help, some who're very code knowledgeable and some less so.

I think XanMag is one of the quest game review moderators (as the site needed help with getting the games reviewed/organized), but I'm not sure how the site management structure is set up, how much mod power XanMag has, how many moderators/admins, and/or what/how-many type/roles of moderators there are. The site obviously isn't massive (it's not a social site with millions of users and lots of debates/arguments/trolls/flame/hostility wars to deal with), so there's probably not too much management structure.

I'm still perplexed at possibly how many accounts KV/Richard Headkid has on here... 'monster forum monster' and 'quest forum quest' users... feel like they're KV/Richard Headkid, too... I can't keep up with lots of his posts... laughs.

@ QFQ:

"Hold on to your butts (Ray Arnold)", by QFQ

Jurassic Park (1) by the black computer guy (smoking a cigar/cigerete --- my memory isn't that detailed/good --- lol, hence the pun-use of "butts" in that line) in charge of JP in the movie

millenials don't know that JP (1) was an epic movie that revolutionized 'monsters', from the fakeness of 'godzilla' monsters to realistic-ness of all monsters since JP (1) came out, and all this was before the current CGI that we have today.

JP (1) revolutionized monsters (we could now make realistic monsters, though content was still limited obviously)
CGI (fractals/recursion) revolutionized movies (as now they could/can do anything in a movie)

  1. Pixie is handling everything Quest-related, barring the online editor and player, I believe.

  2. Squiffy is maintained by manowar, as is the site.

  3. XM does nothing but drool over Gal Gadot (which is VERY understandable, but I prefer Jeannie's evil twin sister).

  4. I would never create an account with the initials QFQ. (That sounds like something DL would do.)

  5. DL is a damned fine Quest writer. Don't anyone listen to his ramblings!

  6. If I was KV, I'd have put a stupid joke right here.

  7. Samuel L. Jackson (Ray Arnold) is awesome (except for on Kingsman: The Secret Service and Unbreakable).

  8. Has anyone ever played The Lurking Horror? (This is October, after all.)

  9. Pixie created the Quest Forum Monster. (He fed him information after midnight!)

  10. HK is too humble to put himself in the "most knowledgeable and helpful posters here" category, but he's definitely one of the best!

  1. Pixie is not involved with the web editor or player, but I think everything else Quest-related is all him.

  2. Manowar is the Squiffy master and runs the site.

  3. XM does nothing but drool over Gal Gadot (which is VERY understandable, but I prefer Barbara Eden -- then or now).

  4. I would never create an account with the initials QFQ. (That sounds like something XM would do.)

  5. DL is full of it. He's a Quest writer.

  6. I have four more points.

  7. Samuel L. Jackson (Ray Arnold) is awesome (except for on Kingsman: The Secret Service and Unbreakable).

  8. It's October, and someone should make a SCARY game!!!

  9. "C" is for cookie, and that's good enough for me.

  10. HK is one of the most knowledgeable fellows on the forum, but he's just humble.

I know I could make a good scary game, im just really slow =(
So many ideas; so few coding skills =7

Amochure, your coding skills are on a scale of what?!

You made a room generator, congratulations on that by the way, so you're doing a lot better than me!

I just learned coding from practice on here! And a summer class on coding from 8th grade.... but that was... "kids" coding, I guess? The software was called Scratch, from Taylor University, if you want to look it up.
(And currently I'm asking Pixie to make my game combat, although invariably I'll edit that to get what I want...)(Combat doesn't take up as much space as it looks, I guess, it's just really, really complicated...)

unfortunately... programming is massive, so there's a lot of skill levels...

it's like in a game, if your character can be from clvl 1 to 99, you got 98 skill levels (keeping this simple), whereas if your character can be from clvl 1 to 999999999999, you got.... a lot of skill levels... (999999999998, lol)

I never am able to recognize/remember him as being Samuel Jackson, lol. I'm just not used to seeing a young/younger Samuel Jackson, as seen in JP (1).

Also, the main character (grant whatever), like never did any other movie since (well the movies that I see, lol), I've only finally seen him again on some commercial I think... recently (at most a few years ago).

The same for the other actors/actresses in JP1, I thought they all did a good job, but I never seen them again: the boy and girl and the co-main character (female adult archaeologist, Ellie? Elen?), it's like how mikali calcan (I really can't spell, lol) got out of the movie business not that long after Home Alone... missed these these people being in future (after JP1) movies, as they were good actors/actresses... though respects makali calcan for getting out of movie world, as it does destroy a lot of people... even the most sucessful actors/actresses too.


I've seen WAY too many movies...

Grant has always been in a bunch of made for TV stuff. (I think he's in the new Thor: Ragnarok movie...)

Ellie is Bruce Dern's daughter (I think with Diane Ladd). Both of her parents were in movies, so... She's always been in a lot of made for TV stuff, as well.

Newman from Seinfeld is in JP! (Hello, Newman...)

The Home Alone kid was stuck in a rut: type-casted (much like all the other kids from John Hughes movies, except for Emilio Estevez), and Hollywood lost its taste for him. He reportedly hung out with Michael Jackson for a while, then Jackie from That 70s Show for a shorter while...

...his brother (or cousin or something) is in quite a few movies nowadays.

Did you ever watch Tremors, HK?


Just to clear things up:

  • Richard Headkid (not me)
    RH is an insane person with whom I occasionally collaborate.

  • K.V. (me)
    That's me.
    Hi. How ya' doin'?

  • The Quest Forum Monster (me)
    'C' is for 'coding'.
    That's good enough for me!
    (I was in the mood for some cookies.)

  • Quest Forum Questers (1/3 me)
    I seriously did not create this account, but I do have access to it (because I am a collaborator), but I have NOT posted anything, nor have I ever edited any posts.

  • XanMag (not me)
    This space intentionally left blank.

  • Dark Lizerd (not me)
    A Quest writer, a BASIC veteran, and an idea master!

  • HK (not me)
    Knows stuff I'll never comprehend. (He says that, too, but I'm serious when I say it.)

  • jmnevil54 (not me)
    Learning too fast! (Watch out, Pixie! You better keep up on your code-training, or this one might catch up to you!)

  • Amochure (not me)
    I'm, uh... sure Amochure is going to drop a great game on us soon! (I'll test it!)

  • manowar (not me)
    Maintains Squiffy
    Runs this site
    Thanks, manowar!!!

  • The Pixie (not me)
    All-around Quest Master
    Hats off to The Pixie!!!


Did anyone ever watch Jurassic Park 3 (not me)?

(It was better than House Party 3 (not me).)

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)

ya, I saw JP 3... horrible... (it seems like the main purpose of this movie was to promote the new-at-that-time-science-understanding that some dinosaurs were warm blooded and of what their transitioning evolutionary state into birds would look like: bright colored skin and with feathers, obviously can be colorful too, and that raptors were intelligent: hunting in packs like wolves and having a complex language)

remake (JP4: 2015) also horrible...

not sure which was more horrible lol... both were really horrible...

JP 1+2 were awesome!

I've seen parts of tremors (and their sequels: 1-???), don't think I ever watched it from beginning to end though...

Only reason I might watch such lame b-movies is if they got fanservice (big bouncing bs slow-mo running scenes and/or nudity), for just that fanservice scene(s), lol. I seen more than I wanted to of these low budget poorly writen/done/acted b-movies already over the years ... and can spot them a mile away, knowing they're not worth to watch at all (excluding any fanservice scenes in them, of course), and thus I usually don't watch them (unless I've got nothing else to do and there's nothing else on).

I'm old... I've seen Weekend At Bernies, Cannonball Run, Ski Patrol, Revenge of the Nerds, Airplane!, and the like.... for some examples... (can't remember much of these type of movies anymore... too much time has passed)

I've seen over a 1000 movies in my life time, that's really a lot of movies (especially when you got a very small niche taste in types of movies, lol)... even though the number seems small... (and at least half, I've seen in the theatre, if not more, and the rest on tv, I've never really jumped into using the computer to watch movies, so the amount of movies I've seen is even more impressive)

not sure if I can find my old list of the movies I've seen... which is important... as its hard to remember all the movies you've seen, especially the old movies... and its hard to search/find the info about such old movies too (especially when you can't remember its name, nor year, nor any other useful info for searching for it, lol), sadly.



If you want fan-service, watch Piranha DD (or Piranha 3DD, if you have a 3d Blu-ray player, which I don't -- I can only vouch for the 2D version, and that's if you can watch it for free).

Ha-ha! Weekend at Bernie's... Part 2 is bad, but I laugh when Bernie dances!

What about Caddyshack?

What about Dragonball?

seen some of caddyshack but wasn't impressed of what I saw of it...

I'm really not into comedy at all... (I have a very narrow niche of movies I like, and that means comedy isn't one of them. Frankly, I don't really find any american comedy as funny, but anime... oh man!, it actually makes me laugh hard, which I almost never do... HK is a serious/boring type of person, though lazy)

(I only "watch" comedy for just its fanservice scenes only, lol)

and... Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) was talked about in highschool by my friends, and so I decided to try watching this 'Dragon Ball Z'...

I found anime for my first time, and I've never gone back! laughs. American TV shows/series and movies are just pathetic now. Japan's anime/manga is so superior to American dodo-bird trash. So much genius and advanced content and theme from Japan, which none of that exists with American bimbo'ism. American tv shows and movies are so pathetic nowadays, but we've got anime and manga from Japan, which is so awesome.

I've watched some of DB and DB GT too, but now it's just too dated and when I got the time, I use it to watch better anime, instead of trying to watch through all of DB and DB GT. Anime has kept advancing, there's so much better stuff out there now to watch. Though, I would like to watch through DB and DB GT (and whatever more DB there is) to complete the anime series that introduced me to anime/manga ... but I don't think it'll ever happen... as there's too much new good anime, always coming out.

And... I'd first watch and complete/catch-up on One Piece (I've only seen a few episodes of it... so that's only ~ "700" episodes to watch currently, lol) and I still have to finish up on naruto (shippuuden), which I'm maybe only half way through... long before the 4th great war finale (which I've watched most of them, lol), and I still haven't quite finished bleach either... (I just need to watch the final episodes after aizen is defeated. I tried watching the last arc after aizen, but was bored with it, and so hadn't finished up bleach yet, but I practically have, not too many last episodes after aizen final battle)... so watching through DB and the other DBs... is way way way on the back burner.

hmm... I watched some of piranha but didn't notice any really good fanservice... but I've not watched the whole thing, so might have missed the better girls... I mean scenes... lol. Of what I saw, 3D wouldn't have made a difference, as what I saw wasn't "good"... sighs.

While extremely brief... the 3D (animated) Beowolf movie's 2 scenes of the tavern maid was good if you into a close up of the upper part of a female with a very deep/scooping but very "stuffed/filled" neckline. It can't be found anymore though, as they've been taken down... I don't understand censorship... there's so much worse stuff that's not taken down... while lesser stuff gets taken down... doesn't make any sense... sighs. You'll have to watch the entire movie to see the two scenes. Yes, there's also the nude grendel's mother as Angelina Jolie (again the movie is animated) scenes... but I didn't find it that "interesting"... meh.


HK edit: okay... you can google search for gifs of the tavern maid scene (not sure if there's the other tavern maid scene though) ... they're (at least the one of them) still up/existing... hehe.

There's also (if into animated movies having fanservice) there's a not well-known movie that actually isn't too bad, as it's entertaining due to being a parody of mainly cinderella (but there's some other disney titles content too), and oh man, Frieda (fanservice)... that's one pin-up lady... lol: Happily Never After 1 (and maybe 2 also - not sure)
(not sure if Freida is in Happily Never After 2... can't remember)

and also there's 'Trippin the Rift 1 and 2' animated tv show series ... with lots of fanservice...


Piranha (3D) and Piranha DD (or 3DD) are TOTALLY different movies.

Piranha DD is the sequel. The setup: an adult-themed water park. The owner drills into an underground water-source, and guess what's in there??? (And guess what DD signifies! That's why I think the 3D may be worthwhile. There's a slow-motion sequence during Act III, and sir! SIR!!! Watch Piranha DD. I implore you. It's bad, but I have yet to have had a house guest who wasn't very, very, very impressed by the time it was over.)

I watched the sequel first, found out it was a sequel, got the first movie, and was extremely unsatisfied with it. (DD has a different writer/director. It does try to be campy/funny, though. You may not dig it, HK. That's why I say not to pay anything for it. ...but, I promise, the slow-motion sequence at the end is NICE.)

ah, I see what you mean by fanservice with piranha 3dd... lots of 'n', lol.

I think I just saw some scenes of piranha 2d of just them getting killed by the piranhas, so didn't really see any great fanservice

(didn't realize that there was a sequal... piranha 2D = 1st, piranha 3DD = 2nd/sequal)

HK Edit: laughs, it's a new mesh contraceptive device and totally free: a piranha... lol. It's not that she has teeth down there, but she does have a piranha inside down there, which does have teeth, lol.

HK edit: ah the rainbow bikini girl and then the turquise/green/aqua bikini girl (oo la la! from SimLife game, lol), any others I've missed?

there's a fanservice MA (martial arts) anime series which has great titles:

you got hardcore bad-bottom girls possessed by asia's/china's 3 romance kingdom (male) warlords (or something like this -- I don't know asia/china history at all) as the main characters, so they don't care about their hot bodies on display, just kicking some serious bottom... lol.

1-3 was good, but XX wasn't any good. The fight/MA choreography is good (though its a bit dated and its not great, there's way better MA/fight choreography out there, but it's still good. Kanu is just awesome, and hakufu too --- especially when she gets possessed by the bloodlust sadistic guy hehe, ryomou as well, and of course ryufo, the "beast of destruction", who actually has never lost a fight, unlike all of the others)

(I guess 'ikki tousen' is suppose to mean 'one having the strength of a 100', or something like that: very powerful warrior, lol)

Ikkitousen (1): Battle Vixen ... I guess this would be: B or BV or BB... lol
Ikkitousen (2): DD ... I mean... Dragon Destiny
Ikkitousen (3): GG... I mean... Great Guardians
Ikkitousen (4): XX... I mean... Xtreme Xecutor

notice how ... they're getting bigger/better... with each new season... lol

do, you think this was intended by them? YES, OBVIOUSLY, LOL

and many many more fanservice MA/fighting anime and/or other fanservice anime... lol

Highschool DxD (1-3), while rated-r on fanservice, actually has a really good story to it.

And (again) there's many others too (fanservice or no-fanservice), as already mentioned... anime/manga is just the best, most superior, most deep/advanced/sophisticated/intelligent literature in the world!

My favorite movies

  1. Quest for Camelot
  2. Both Vampire Hunter D movies
  3. Half of all Dreamworks movies (Shrek, Joseph and the Coat of Many Dreams, etc.)
  4. Old/Niche Disney movies no one has seen (Atlantis, The Black Cauldron, even Home on the Range (I freaking love the yodling parts and the characters!) and Snow White (Why does know one ever watch classic Disney movies!?), etc. )
  5. The first Dumb and Dumber movie. I have not seen the second yet.

I would not watch any/some of the movies described by HK because 1. Girl, won't have any effect on me, 2. Christian, conservative Christian, I don't take it as seriously as some do, just enough it effects my taste in movies 3. I briefly looked up Ikkitousen, it's that stereotypical fanservice for teenage girls in school uniforms.... yeah...


I just watched The Black Cauldron last week. I double-featured it with The Sword in the Stone.

Dreamworks lost me when the made Cars, but I like pretty much everything they put out before that.

Don't watch the second or third Dumb and Dumber. Please. Don't do it.

I totally missed Quest for Camelot (had a kid that year, go figure). I'll check it out from the library.

Never tried Vampire Hunter D, either, but I'll give it a try.

  1. Girl

Have I referred to you as 'him'?

I had no reason to assume such a thing. Sorry, jmne! I shall behave more appropriately henceforth!

Pixar made Cars.

Have I referred to you as 'him'?
It's okay. I never cared what anyone called me anyway.

Vampire Hunter D is both an anime movie "series" and a series of Light Novels. Both movies are on YouTube.


Pixar made Cars.

That explains a lot!

No, these are the movies Dreamworks produced recently (to the right side).

oh... there's much better anime... I was just using ikkitousen as its titles are DD/GG/XX, to match with KV's mentioning of 'DD' in piranha's title, lol. Both are using them as puns ('XXX' = adult content, bra/breast sizes: A, AA, B, BB, C, CC, D, DD, etc) as "sex sells". We also got the beer company that does it too advertised on my tv: dos equis XX (can't spell), ~ "I am the most interesting man in the world, I don't drink, but when I do, it's dos equis XX, my friend', or something like that, lol:

ht.tps:// (dos equis xx beer commercial)

I wish we could stop/ban/block commercials... I see the same damn commercials (drug/pharmasuticals, geiko, beer, cars, welfare, ARGH!!!!) over and over again... (no tivo tv)

there's lots of anime with out fanservice... if that bothers you. Though, lots of anime do have fanservice (just as we do in our tv and movies... but its different than ours, different cultures. Americans new to japanese fanservice and culture don't understand it and thus are more bothered by it, due to not understanding it, whereas we're used to all of the nudity and flashing scenes of american fanservice and thus don't get offended by it at all, unfortunately. I could write a dissertation on american vs japanese... there's a lot more context going on than people who're new to it understand, sighs)

anyways, ikkitousen has a decent story... but its really about the MA (martial arts) / fighting, and if you're into fanservice, it got that too, lol.

if you're interested, I can offer suggestions of anime for you and/or what some of my favorite anime is and/or some of the best anime. let me know if you (or anyone else) are interested in seeing my list of anime I like and/or want recommendations/suggestions of anime to watch (tell me what you want and don't want, and I can make a suggestion/recommendation).

Vampire Hunter D's 4-part anime was good, but it's a bit dated now...

if you like vampires

the best vampire anime... that's HELLSING ULTIMATE without question, lol... but it's very rated-R (has some very disturbing scenes, heavy violence, and there's really not any fanservice in it aside from Seras' chest size, lol)

(there's the old school Hellsing, but Hellsing Ultimate is the new school and much better one)

and being a christian, I think you might really like this one: Trinity Blood

while not a vampire anime (they're bats, chiropteran is the science name for bats, they're NOT vampires!), this is epic: Blood+

Also if you like 'The Count of Monte Christo', there's an anime sci-fi/futuristic vampire-version of it, it's really good too: ht.tps://

as for vampire american movies...

obviously there's the best: Underworld (well 1 was epic... the rest sucked... sighs)
and then you got of course: Blade (1+2 were good, the rest sucked)

and there's a lot more... but can't think of any of them off the top of my head... I'd have to go look them up...

The Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood (old disney animation films) are classics/epic, love those!

ikkabob crane too.. I liked! ( )

and one of the most epic animated films of all time (I absolutely loved this as a kid and still do now, but it's practically disappeared from existence, sighs):

Flight of Dragons ( )

epic, epic, epic!

I really am not impressed with pixar-disney....

I did like Frozen and Tangled, but everything else, YUCK!

I miss the old animation of disney... Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, and a bunch that I'm forgetting lol... sighs...

I wish disney would go back to this type of stuff... I HATE the f'n animal and animal and animal movies (die already!) and pixars...GRRRR... go and hire some good story writers and give us new quality like aladdin and the like had back then in the "GOLDEN YEARS" of american movies, tv shows, and etc, sighs.

@ jmnevil54:

if you're into king arthur stuff:

book series: The Crystal Cave (1/4), The Hollow Hills (2/4), The Last Enchantment (3/4), and the Wicked Day (4/4) by Mary Stewert (this is the most accurate story of him, she researched arthur really extensively)

movie (best/epic of all arthur movies): King Arthur ( )

also, if you into knights and honor and etc (christian values, hehe), I really liked this old movie: Dragon Heart ( )

and wow, you're a conservative christian... we're... "the few, the proud, the conservative christians", hehe :D

"If the world has gone crazy, I'll believe in myself and keep on fighting (Heero Yuy from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)"

oh... jmnevil54... you're a girl?

ya, you'll not be into any fanservice (for male viewers)... lol. Didn't know you were a girl... thought you just another guy...

hmm... do you like girl stuff then, drama? romance? (or whatever else... I'm not a girl!). I can offer some suggestions of anime if interested...

if you into vampire stuff and are a girl, then you might like this anime:


I didn't like it much, but I'm a guy... (well I do love the 'still doll' music ending theme, hehe)


Dragon Heart

Yep, yep!

Good stuff!

Another good King Arthur book is The Once and Future King.

I've got Disney's Robin Hood, too. (I just had a kid as an excuse to buy all the kids' movies I didn't own at the time.)

Anyone remember Watership Down? With the bloody rabbits? That was crazy!

Vampire Hunter D, as I said, there is no anime. That I've seen. Only the movies.
I watched a few episodes of Hellsing Ultimate. Did not care for the changing of one scene to the next without context. Bruce Willas or whoever, posessing Allucard, uuhhhhh....
I might see the original series, though.
I'm not big into King Arthur, unless it's animated and has dragons (and isn't Game of Thrones).
I've seen Vampire Knight, it bored me.
(To be honest, I also like Twilight, because it's in so bad it's god territory, the actors (except Jake the Werewolf) are all B movie actors, and the whole thing just looks like a B movie Vampire Parody! It's hilarious!)

I already have enough anime I want to see on my list... Thank you.

Besides, I like action stories... with action!

Also I was and still am a fan of 4kids anime. I just get nostalgic. And the 4kids dub of One Piece gets into camp and so bad it's good territory (and I like it better than the original, don't tell anyone).

Have you seen Pet Shop of Horrors? It's epic! Real shame they only have 4 episodes.

Also love Death Note and Mononoke!

@K.V. I live in America and am 20 years old, I have not seen Watership Down. I heard it was awful, though. Like Farthing woods...

ya, I meant the 4-part animated film/movie of Vampire Hunter D (I still call it anime, lol)

ah, okay, so you do like action... and were bored with Vampire Knight (as I was, lol)... not a girly girl... got it... bit of a tomboy, right? (but no girl likes fanservice for male viewers... well most don't... some girls are weird too... lol. All types of guys, all types of girls)

Pet Shop of Horror... ???

Pet Cemetary?
Little Shop of Horrors?
(I've seen these)

Death Note... epic! except they never explored the concept of the Death Note... sighs... ya, the police vs criminal outwit game, was epic, but I wanted to see the concept of the Death Note... sighs.

Mononoke was one of the good films/movies (most anime/animated films/movies aren't good, but this was!)

if you've not seen this, EVERYONE (guys and girls) LOVES IT:

Spice and Wolf (epic, epic, epic, romantic couple with epic wit/banter/teasing, Holo is just epic girl, hehe... it's so hot!)
(doesn't really have much/any action though, but its still epic)

ht.tps:// (so funny!, "um the hitting?", lololol)
ht.tps:// (spoiler warning: heavy scene, Holo hits rock bottom...)
ht.tps:// (really good/funny/cute amv)

if you don't like it... you're just really messed up... lol (j/k... kinda... lol)

Pet Shop of Horror... ???
Pet Cemetary?
Little Shop of Horrors?
(I've seen these)
Death Note... epic! except they never explored the concept of the Death Note... sighs... ya, the police vs criminal outwit game, was epic, but I wanted to see the concept of the Death Note... sighs.

Pet Shop of Horrors


Death Note. Yeah, the authors wanted to expand on the more philosophical side, but something happened. IDK, maybe not enough money, like the problem Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler manga had...
I've seen the anime, read the 13th manga volume, and read the pilot manga in Shonen Jump... lol. I practically know everything about the Death Note!

I do love anything by Studio Ghibli, though! So I'd like to see Princess Mononoke!

I never got the point of Spice and Wolf. To be honest, it looked like something for furries... IDK.

Did you know true love can kill a shinigami?
And that shinigamis love apples?
Ha. I love how this show thinks of everything!
I love the comedy too! Very much!

(But why can't apples kill a shinigami?)
(Yes, I know it's saving a life that kills them, not love...)


Watership Down. I heard it was awful, though. Like Farthing woods...

Oh, it's awful, but, when it came out 40 years ago, it was insane!

Well, it was insane in 1985, when they had a special showing at my local drive-in...

They showed it after they showed The Secret of Nimh.

I've never heard of Farthing woods, but it sounds like I'm better off.

I immediately thought of Little Shop of Horrors, too, HK!

Have you ever seen The Princess Bride?

It's not animated, but it's got:

  • action
  • adventure
  • romance
  • comedy

It's got something for everyone!

Also, I have a theory that Ryuk was gay or bi when he was alive. Because of his heart shaped ear ring. Just a theory. Just throwing that out there.

Maybe I read to much yaoi when I was younger...

@K.V. Yeah, I've seen The Princess Bride.
Farthing woods was a cartoon. Don't watch it.

Again, I'm talking about Mononoke the series. And the medicine seller. See the link!

and wow, you're a conservative christian... we're... "the few, the proud, the conservative christians", hehe :D

You too? No?

not sure who you're asking this of... lol... but I'll respond...

yep, seen Princess Bride... it was the next 'in-spirit of Monty Python'... epic movie... but now it's being forgotten (but back 10-20 years it was one of the top and most well known movies)

when I was younger... I wasn't impressed with it... but as I've gotten older, I have a little appreciation of it now... though still not really impressed with it. But again, I'm the weird one... everyone else loved it and thought it was awesome... not me...

Death Note has been too long ago... don't remember much about it now... and wasn't paying attention to possible yoai/gay stuff... I'm a hetero guy, so not trying to look/find yaoi stuff... lol...

but, I do believe that Light 'Kira' Yagami was actually going to be asked to join the genius team as 'L' before his rival 'K' (and 'M' and 'N'), except then he found the death note, and everything changed, with him being their target criminal to catch, that's my theory anyways.

Also, I actually feel that it was N (the direct action one, am I confusing 'M' and 'N' ???, who kidnapped his dad/family) was the one succeeded in catching light. K came close... but look at all that effort.... whereas 'N' it was "bam", I caught you, and all it took was kidnapping your family! Not very fair (and extreme/criminal)... but effective... lol. Pfft... who needs to outwit Light in a nerdy brainiac-fight, I'll just go after those he cares about, to catch him, lol.

@ jmnevil54:

ya, I'm definately "conversative and christian"... (maybe it doesn't seem like it though, lol - at least online... in person, it's probably obvious, lol), though not sure if I really like being "conservative" considering how non-conservative "conservatives" have become... they're not really what is actual/true conservatism anymore... meh... digressing...

(though, I'm not really religious... once I learned as a little kid that I didn't ahve to go to church... I've never been to church since, lol. As a kid, I jsut wanted to play all day, so I hated going to church, lol). I don't really believe in religions personally, as I have my own unique understanding/belief of the world (I'm no atheist!). But, I'll defend christianity as if i did. I was baptized by my parents as a kid/baby, so I guess I am technically a christian. I don't believe in it, but I'll defend it. If I have to be as something that humans know (my belief isn't known across the world, you can't google it, lol), than I'm definitely a christian, compared to everything else.

The Secret of the Nimh (1): EPIC (same darkness in it... see below)
The Land Before Time (1): EPIC (and dark for a kids show, lol. stuff was darker back then, we were stronger/tougher back then, lol)

The authors said Light would become a police officer. Light didn't even know Watari until he had the Death Note. He wouldn't have met them if it weren't for the Death Note.
Also, I thought they only chose kids from those orphanages to be letters...

(Edit: Well that was an interesting read...)
I just say conservative because that's what I am by today's standards. You know, gay whatever... too long, don't need to explain. I'd rather call myself moderate.
You know, um... ah, forget it, I'll just link something and be done with it...
...nevermind, apparently that won't work either. Suffice to say, H.K.'s talk about fan-service was making me uncomfortable.

ah okay, you're a guy though right? sorry for having thought you were a girl just now, my bad.

I don't know theological analysis/teachings very well, so hopefully you can forgive me, but personally I think the 'prudish/puritan/sex-is-sin' was more of a choice for societal order and harmony, than truly believing in that sexuality was wrong (aside from monogamous family/children creation, the 'right way', as they saw it) from a religious/God's belief reason. And it's not like they weren't sexual... even if they tried to shun it for society order/harmony... lol. And the more you restrain yourself... the more wild you're going to be when you finally don't... lol... in public, they were celebrate... but behind closed doors (out of the public view), wild animals.. lol

since organisms/life is alive, we're mortal, and thus reproduction as the counter to that mortality. Sex is what organisms are all about, from bacteria and viruses to humans. Everything we do, every action, every behavior, everything, is for getting/having sex.

Life/organisms are about one thing and one thing only: sex

that's the science anyways...

W.T.F. just. happened?

OP =
"Thank you for your prompt responses! We now have all of our tester slots filled!

No jokes, uncle Jerry...

The game will be released to the public shortly.

"Hold on to your butts."

Ray Arnold"

Let's try this again... lol

What? Nevermind, I'll send a P.M.


I started talking about movies and sidetracked everyone.


I referenced Disney's Robin Hood (fox) and Watership Down (rabbits), so I was really sort of behaving myself.

The Jurassic Park quote is what started it!

My apologies. I can't wait to play the new game!!



Did you not sign up to be a beta-tester?

Yes I did!

As a matter of fact, started it last night. So far so good, but I only made it to the word document room on one of the NPCs quests though.

Lots to do yet I think!

ya, sorry, derailed thread, I hadn't socialized in awhile online and needed to (which happens when I'm up at night online, and very tired, lol), and movies/anime/manga/tv-shows/books/games/etc (literature/stories), is a huge interest of mine, lol.

Don't feel obligated to apologize, hegemonkhan. It comes with the territory (being a geek/nerd/etc). If anyone should apologize, it would be anyone here that doesn't like stories in some form or fashion; because, if that's the case, why are they even here?!
I found myself nodding at everything you wrote. I love stories and I love anime. I expect we all do. ^.^


We derailed the thread. (It was totally and completely all my fault, but I'm trying to do better!)

If we want to talk about things unrelated to the OP's question, it is only polite that we do so elsewhere.

That's why XanMag (a mod) put us back on track, and that's why HK and I were apologetic.

It's cool, though, ya' know?

...and you are correct on all counts, Amochure.

  • If anyone here doesn't like stories in some form or fashion they should definitely apologize. (I guess... but to whom?)

  • HK is always cool in everyone's book. There is no need for him to ever apologize.

But... having said that...

If we don't keep this thread on track, meaning we stick to the OP's topic, we'll "get in trouble" with the moderator again.


Ha. I wasn't trying to be rude. I found it all more humorous than anything. 50+ posts and at least 40 of those are unrelated to the OP. That has to be some kind of record! Haha.

Something tells me QFQ probably isn't bothered much by it. :)

Carry on, folks!

PS. I did manage to get through the "first" NPCs quest last night. I plan on exploring sub-world 2 in just a bit.

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)

this is the unsolvable problem of forums and human communication... the train of responses can move (branch) very far off-topic:

for example (not the best example, couldn't think of a good scenerio on the spot, sighs):

OP: how do I set an Attribute?
response 1: player.strength = 100
reply 1: I don't understand
response 2: this is via scripting: NAME_OF_OBJECT.NAME_OF_ATTRIBUTE = VALUE_OR_EXPRESSION
reply 2: I don't understand
response 3: ...
etc etc etc (too lazy to write it out)
this will branch farther and farther off-topic, as we respond to the posts and they reply... it's just how human communication works, which doesn't match up with forum postings/threads staying on topic

all responses are on-topic to the post they responding to, but this still takes it far off-topic. Humans are capable of responding and referencing, which is branching, and more and more branches get more and more off-topic, as they're a train of sub parts and thus sub trains/branches of previous posts/replies/responses/referencing/explanations.

unfortunately, the only way to deal with this for by having moderators re-organize/move posts around/make new threads for the posts, to get them all sorted out.

we've yet to otherwise find a solution to the conflict between human train of communication and forums wanting their threads staying on topic.

here's a better example (just thought of it):

OP: what is a ball?
response: its a sphere
reply: what is a sphere?
we'll ultimately get into geometry and other mathematics, which is very far off-topic from 'what is a ball?', lol. But, it's the branching is on topic, it's a logical direct route in answering the OP, but the end result will be very far from the original topic.

in human communication, this is the 'referencing' problem (each sub referencing, moves further and further off-topic), and there's no solution to it. Actually, I think this 'referencing problem', is recursion... laughs. human communication uses recursion, the math of nature, which includes human communication/language, hehe. Language is recursive, hehe :D

no matter how far off-topic the base condition (most off-topic post) is, there's a path from the OP to the base condition (most off-topic post) and back from the base condition (most off-topic post) to the OP, and that's recursion!

no matter how far off-topic the base condition (most off-topic post) is, there's a path from the OP to the base condition (most off-topic post) and back from the base condition (most off-topic post) to the OP, and that's recursion!

Oddly enough, this statement directly relates to our game!


If we want to talk about things unrelated to the OP's question, it is only polite that we do so elsewhere.

We appreciate your concern, but everyone should feel free to ramble on about anything, whenever and wherever they please!

(This includes you, KV)

So: ramblers! Let's get ramblin'!


Did we mention how this thread works?

If you post more than 14 comments to this thread (AND your complete character count breaks 69,105), the game absorbs a bit of your essence, and you become a part of the game!

"and you become a part of the game!"

I see what you did there, KV. Well played!


Hold on, XM... I'm counting my posts and characters...

I don't want this game to get me!

well, it already got me, right? If I understand/get your post/joke/insiders-joke... like XanMag does... lol

You've both been gotten.


Damn and blast!!!

I have exceeded the post count as well as the character count.

It appears that XanMag is key-wrecked.

This game starts with test?!?


Monster no good at math!

And Santy Claws always give Monster lump of coal!!!



K.V. I don't think you're supposed to advertise on other people's games. But you know the guys in charge... C'est la ville...

QFQ had better release this soon. I've done my beta testing and am wandering what is taking so long.

C'mon already!!



It's cool. I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder.

We're about to drop this game like a bad habit!

K.V. is not one of us, although he once was.

We were the keepers of the Shards of ∞ until KV came along.

His coding antics set chains of events in motion which may very well be detrimental to us all.

We require a Quest Master's assistance.

Our very existence may depend on it!



It was DL!!!

Hey, everyone!

"Do you like to play games?"
- Ghostface

Not me "personally"... But someone (unnamed) made clones of me... I just hope they don't go to war...


I just hope they don't go to war...



Good Gawd, y'all!!!

What is it good for?

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