Feedback Request on Escape Room Games

Hello there! For the past two months, I have attempted a very fun and challenging undertaking - to turn all of the games from the audio / tabletop adventure only podcast Escape This Podcast ( into single-player text adventure games! They currently have 35 episodes and I just finished recreating game number eight. All of the games I've made so far are, of course, in my profile -

My reason for posting is because I know that I am a novice at creating adventure games, and I want to make the experience as awesome as I can for the people who play them. I have already learned so much just by creating these past 8 games, and I know that there is much more that I can learn. Since I am working from someone else's script, there is not much that I can change in that regard, although I do have some creative liberty to make the games and puzzles as fun as possible. I have received two reviews on my games so far, one four-star, and one three-star. I took both to heart and tried to learn from them, but I would certainly love to learn more. If anyone has any specific criticisms of my games, or perhaps tips on how to code common things more smoothly (there is lots of locking and using one item with another and items changing descriptions as the story advances, for example), then I would love to hear them.

Thank you very much for your time!

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