What's in a biobank? - New Game

Hi All,

As part of my MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement, I've created a Gamebook. It's been made to help educate people on biobanks, whilst hopefully allowing people to have some fun on the way!

I'd really appreciate you guys giving it a go and filling in the feedback form at the end.


Please feel free to ask me about anything you want if you have questions




Nicely done! I learned something without the need to read through some 50 page long scientific paper :D

Second half of the game gets bit tedious as it is all just talking during meetings. I would sprinkle some "action" to it by maybe having player doing some research, or collecting samples themselves. It would give another insight into the topic, and helps break the monotony.

For example examining samples for contamination to discard them (would affect how the research goes in the long run), collecting samples themselves (how far do you stick the spatula into the volunteer's mouth? Could be some funny outcome there :P) or just adding something in between.

There are some jumps like "4 months later" or "1 year later". Plenty of time to add some stuff there... for instance some crisis or government pulling the funds and player needs to defend the funding, or diffusing situation with some protestors protesting in front of the institute... you get the jist :)

Other than that, a game well done and thank you for making me aware of this biobank business!

Thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate the feedback.

Good point on adding in a bit more action. I was struggling as I was trying to stick to reality but I never thought of the funding being pulled being dramatic to an outside audience. You've given some great ideas to refresh it after my MSc. Unfortunately, I can't add in the changes until it's done! (Thems the MSc rules)

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