New jam/competition ECTOCOMP 2017. Create a spooky game for halloween, Día de los Muertos or whatever creeps you out.


There's a new jam/competition for creating new spooky games to be enjoyed in Halloween or whatever festivity do you enjoy, you know, gather with your dear ones, eat cookies and tell spooky stories.

ECTOCOMP has two categories: La Petit Mort, for games created in 3 hours or less. (That's fast!).

Or Le Grand Guignol, for games that are created in more than 3 hours. (Maybe you spent more than those hours, or just wanna create a big masterpiece).

Also this year the competition welcomes games done in Spanish. It is host at, so there's a total of 4 jam pages to allocate the whole affair. Use the map to get your bearings.

You can start here:

Who's in?

Kind Regards.

Ruber Eaglenest.

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