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[attachment=0:33p13dri]sample rooms sample[/attachment:33p13dri]
Updated: 2/20
New 'Containers Within Containers Room'
New 'Starting a Car Room (Simple and Complex versions)'

Updated: 2/17
Update: Teleport room function 'move rooms' is working.
Update: Discovered bugs fixed. Thanks, The Pixie!

Thanks again!

The Pixie
Had a quick look. I like the idea, I think examples of code can be very useful.

I would called the player object "player", and give him "Magoo" as the alias; people expect the player to be called "player".

I would have exits between rooms so you can explore the different aspects as easily as possible

if you don't have already, you may want to make a room, or rooms, explaining (as I think this confuses up a lot of people):


an Object's 'name'
(an Object's 'alias' ) VS ( an Object's 'custom string attribute' (player.first_name = "John Doe") in replace of or in addition to its 'alias' )


and about the Player Object:

'player' (default) as its 'name'
'custom name' (renaming it) as its name
'game.pov' (see below)

having a single Player Object vs multiple Player Objects (game.pov and ChangePov)


otherwise, this is really a great job XanMag!, as this is what a lot of people need for learning quest, as a next step after the tutorial in the quest doc site

(no idea when I'll have the time to look over/play through it, but when I do, I'll definately want to check it out!)

again THANK YOU XanMag, which I'm sure will be accompied by everyone wanting to learn to use quest or to use it better !!!!

(this was greatly needed, as the doc tutorial only takes you so far... especially if you don't know any programming, the doc tutorial is much more difficult to learn what it has to teach)


(now... one of us should make a tutorial that you can understand, on how to code with quest, wink)

Please, if you have time, offer suggestions or corrections, or feel free to point out my stupidity! :lol:

Remember, I am trying to do this based almost entirely on GUI use, not code.

Pics/Sounds will not be available in .aslx

A "game" like this will be updated quite frequently, I imagine.

Hey, XanMag!

I have been taking a deeper look on the tutorial, but the forum changes apparently removed the private massages. I wish to send you a few observations about your work.

But i guess you would be doing great creating a YouTube channel and making simple video tutorials for doing specific things in Quest, just as you did with this in game tutorial!

Feel free to email me your comments. Ask for my email if you would be kind enough to comment!


XanMag, i sent you a mail. Hope you got it.

I got one email. Was that the only one you sent? Thanks!

Yes. Thats right. After a while I decided notify you because spam issues.

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