My New Game: The Story Of MLJesus


Recently i created a game with the above mentioned name, it is brand new, and i would like some of your opinions on it as far as playability, and suggestions for future additions.
This is an Adult, Comedy, RPG style game that some people may find offensive. If you are sensitive to racial stereotypes, violence, drugs, or mild sexual themes. Please do not play my game.
For those of you still with me, this game is still uncategorized and i would like a bit of assistance with reviews for it, in this thread.
I am reletively new to quest, and though i have tested my game myself. As the creator i already know all the secrets, so i need some people to test it out and give me their honest opinions as to:

1. The playability, how easy-difficult the game is

2. Bugs-grammar, there may be some bugs, or grammar mistakes i am unaware of.

3.Replayability, would you be willing to play this game again in the future once it is completed?

The game can be played at:

-Thanks to all those who help me in advance

Lol, game still hasnt bern categorized. I think the admin is putting it off because of the thumbnail i chose.

Its not the thumbnail. Its not so easy to categorize a game which seems to be created by a pubertal child where your first action is to kill your father without a reason. But you suggested the category sandpit so I put it there.

i suggested sandpit, because it was a joke game to get used to quest and learn to use Pixie's combat library. And FYI your Father is stated to be abusive, calls you a fag and attacks you first so "no reason" seems to be an understatement.

Also if you are offended because of my statement that "you were putting it off" i am sorry, i was not trying to offend. I merely meant that my childish cover probably made you think it was created by a pubescent child before playing it. I am in no way trying to insult you, or call you lazy. I now realize the way i worded that may have made it seem like i was calling you lazy, which i would never do i have great respect for the admins of and i am sorry if i offended you in any way.

-20 more rooms
-10 new kinds of enemy
-2 new weapons
-Added Park section
-Fixed grammatical errors
-Balanced out monsters
-Added stone guardian to park entrance
-Fixed Invisible cats!
-Fixed Ghetto Street Switch Blade
-Fixed item stealing in SaveALot
-Removed drinking verbs from most foods and added eat verb
-Added boss monster leveling
-Added hooker (have fun with that)
-Added map section exits (new map sections not yet added) give 1 stat point when reached.

Your game is hilarious, man!

Descriptions are just great, especially this one:

Your father is a fat peice of **** wearing a wife beater, his hair is brown and he is going bald. You think he has rabies and he is drinking from a keg of beer. Father swings at you and hits, doing 3 points of damage.

Keep working on it!


Your father calls you a f**got, and lunges at you

This is the first game that made me laugh on this site.

Haha, thanks DarkForestCrow. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm currently working on an update that will expand the game a lot more.

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