(Published!) Red Alert - Adrift in Space

You were supposed to remain in cryo sleep until the Scion reached orbit around your target world in the Alpha Centauri system. So why are you already awake? And why are you alone?

Red Alert - Adrift in Space

Check out my first (complete) interactive fiction game! It is fairly short and simple, but I hope it is fun. No command bar, the whole game is played using hyperlinks (no verb guessing!), as well as buttons (on the desktop version). Fully supports playing in mobile or desktop browsers. I'd love to hear any feedback.

Special thanks to Richard Headkid and mrangel for all of their help on the forums!

Seems interesting so far. Best of luck!

Not bad so far. I didn't finish it yet, but it's pretty good. There are a few punctuation errors, no big deal. The only thing I noticed was once you take the space suit, you have both options to "suit up" (nice touch!) and "remove suit" available. Probably should make only one available i.e. "suit up" when not wearing it, and "remove suit" when wearing it. So far, I really like it - felt like I was going to die on the ship!

Hey! That's my premise... Lol.
I wonder how many other games have a premature awaking from cryo start.

I'm going to have to play this now. Maybe you already made my entire game.
Then I'll have to make something else.

Mine is command bar with invisible hyperlinks though. I'll post comments after I play.

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