New Pokemon Type Harley Johto and Sinnoh Version

So, I noticed my old thread has reached past 60 days, and I'm making a new one.

I've spent some time re-making this game. And I took some time off. Sorry for the delay.

Game here.

As I've said, I had to remake my game. My game broke TWICE by way of me messing around with the commands.

Here's hoping it doesn't break again!

General feedback is still appreciated.

These are my plans for this game.

First, I need sleep. And I will probably wait for Pixie to get done with his work thingy in May. Or not, I don't know.

General Weeks Estimate For Completion
(After sleep, anyways...)
1 week for each Town/City, both Kanto and Johto

And 2 months for the Pokemon Contests and Diverse Pokemon Showcases.

I have a lot of stuff in my life right now. Trying to get a job and a permit, trying to move out of my parents house. I have autism FYI, so it makes things hard.

I also need to work on the combat and everything still. Like that will get done soon....
I have figured out how to make a party limit of 8 Pokemon (use an if, then the else will move the Pokemon to a select room). I still need to figure out how the types/elements work/how the items work/how the status things like sleep and paralysis works... I don't know everything I need to do. I made this short plan for a battle command...
(I'm making this up as I go.)


if trainer.pokecount = 0 {
  msg ("")
else {
  If trainer.potion > 0 {
  If trainer.potion = 0 {
    msg ("")
else {
  Call Function Move1/Fight1
  Call Function Move2/Fight2

Function Move1/Fight1

If has attribute status {
If has attribute stats {
If has attribute attack {
else {
  msg ("That is not an attack!")

Function Move2/Fight2
Function: If enemy, roll die....

Attack function....

ShowMenu {
If has attribute status {
If has attribute stats {
If has attribute attack {
else {
  msg ("That is not an attack!")

I also wrote down a price range for some items.

Iron, Carbos, Zinc, etc. - 120000 Pokedollars
Pokeball (Capsule) - 5000 Pokedollars (Add + 1 to roll score)
Great ball - 7500 Pokedollars (Add + 3 to roll score)
Ultra ball - 120000 Pokedollars (Add + 6 to roll score)
Master ball - Not for sale, one or two in game, (Add + 20 to roll score)

I edited some grammar, added a few objects, edited the code, and changed the background color and font color.

Link here.

So my old game works now, for some odd reason. So.... this is awkward....

Alright, so now I have polished a few things on the medium aged game. I figured out every Pokemon had the alias "Sentret" except Hoothoot, so I changed that. I had to change an attribute on the real Sentret, and I gave different enemy attacks different descriptions. .....But this made most of the work I've done in the last few months, albeit not too much because I was busy, pointless....

New edit. I messed with a few functions, changed the font, and fixed a few names.

I added messages and directions and told people where to go. KV said he kept getting lost when testing it. Also, edited names and grammar again.

All of the last 3 links you posted go to the same place.


She's posting a new link each time she updates her game for at least three reasons (this is only my theory):

1. To keep this thread alive

2. To prevent us from complaining about having to scroll all the way up to get to a link (hehehe)

3. She wants us to play, so she's making it easy to do so.

KV said he kept getting lost when testing it.

This is true.

Of course, I get lost any time I have to go into a grocery store in "real life" too... So, go figure!

Thanks for clearing that up for me KV. ☺

I guess I'll just place the link here.

I decided that since my life has been really, really stressful lately, I went ahead and published the game to the public. K.V. is leaving the forums now, so that also means I am down one helper. I just don't know if I'll have enough time to work on this game as I used to.

I edited a few minor things before publishing it. It is currently a work in progress.
Game link here.

I recently:

  1. Tried fixing a few functions
  2. Removed that annoying bar
  3. Added an undo option on the death script, though I want a checkpoint system (thanks to "Richard")
  4. Fixed some object descriptions. Now hopefully my gane won't confuse my Chikorita for a pistol.
  5. Changed the names of Shoot and Attack to Attack and Normal, respectively
  6. Tried editing the reload command.
  7. Edited the first room description

Game link here

I just fixed the game. You can't officially battle trainers, but the game does spawn a monster like a Hoothoot or something else. Also I tried working on the money system, but I haven't tested it yet.

Game link here

So I did:
Fixed 1 or 2 grammar mistakes
Tried making a money system
Tested a battle command

I just tried out the newest pokeball code, and things seem to be going smoothly! ...well, I haven't tested it all the way, but I tried half of it!

This is my game. In the first room, you may choose whatever name you want but by defualt the character is called Gold. While still in the room, type "give me money", lowercase does not matter, just spell it correctly. After that, you will be given 20000 pokedollars! After that, make your way out of town and to the first Berry Shop! Down, out, west, east, north, west, east, south, northeast, southeast, north, east, north, east! (There should be a sign if you get lost.) Buy a few pokeballs, they cost 5000 pokedollars each! Test them out!

The pokeball in my game works differently than the pokeballs in the original games. To use it, just type "use pokeball", or click on use, and it should raise the catch rate! The catch rate decides how likely a pokemon will go into your inventory (player.catchrate + roll2, roll2 is a number roll between 1 and 20).

Test them out! I want feedback! Tell me how it went!

Game here.

Also, I tried and tested out a few functions.

I just made the commands "Stat" and "Status". Stat is supposed to lower or raise stats. Status are things like poisoning or paralysis. At the moment, I don't think either commands work. But they're there now, so that's a plus.

Link to game.

My game is finally working again! Woo hoo!!!

Since last time, I have....

  1. Improved the order and sell commands. You can now buy and sell PowerPoints.
  2. Improved the rest command. The command now restores hit points along with Power Points.
  3. Improved a locked exit. There are different messages now.

Game link.

Please open pokeball container for pokeballs. I have yet to get the "use" script to work.

Okay....! Glad everything is working now.....

So recently I have...:

  1. Improved the order command
  2. Changed a few functions
  3. Added new monsters
  4. Messed with some exits.
  5. Tried making a special locked exit message, broke the exit, then put it back to normal

The game works now. But be careful, I have been steadily finding more and more glitches since the new 5.8 update.

Game link.

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