New space centered game coming!

Ok, I've started work on a game where basically Earth is long gone and hundreds of years later the story begins where you wake up from a pod that seems to have kept you asleep for a while. Wait... Where's Mark?!

Sounds good...


One question... (or more)
Will this be taking place just on a ship is space?
Will you move from planet to planet using "basically"
Fly to Earth... then you are there?
I made a short bit test code where you enter heading and acceleration (or set speed)
and the ship will fly that way, with a sequence of "wait" commands...
The ship moves in 2d space using X and Y locations like graph paper...
It would be more complex, thrust vectors and all, than what the Enterprise would use...
(and that is as far as I got... just testing if it was do able...)

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