IFComp past Quest entries


I was curious if anyone had recommendations for games in past IFComp years that were written in Quest. Was DetectiveLand? Have any Quest games placed high in past contests? I've been playing some games from this past year and earlier(shout out to What Once Was), but I've been having some trouble filtering by Quest. IFComp always has such innovative entries, and I'd love to see the way that people in the community are using Quest in creative ways. (Feel free to recommend non IFComp games, if that is too narrow of criteria, but I would love to get a list of contest games).

Jacqueline, Jungle Queen! came third in 2014. I think that is the best a Quest game has achieved.


Thank you so much! I'm excited to play it : )

Detectiveland is a favorite of mine!

Hi J_J,

Thanks for playing W.O.W, there were also two Quest entries in Spring Thing 2017 that might interest you (one of them was mine and the other won one of the prizes).

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