Two Rooms

I have released my first IF game, called Two Rooms. it is ready to play, and any feedback on the game can be left in the reviews section of the listing.

Gimme a link! =)

The game is way too long, I almost couldn't finish those walls of text. And it lacks an UNDO command at the end. Every time I typed QUIT, the game ended! But I really did like the bit where you go north. That little bit was fantastic! A real stroke of genius.

Okay, so I played it on my phone and figured there was a “conversion error” or something. Table and north.

Wrong file uploaded or...?

I played it. Good design on the game scenarios. Good overall. But my firewall was blocking the process, had to uninstall my K7 Antivirus to play it without interruptions.

I couldn't get it to work. I just went north and x'ed out of it.

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