Please Beta test my first game. =

Any suggestions at all are welcomed

Can someone get rid of this guy already?

What am I doing wrong?


Your posts are similar to those of spammers. (Not saying you are one... I'm on the fence on that... Are you one? You could post some things which could not be construed as vague to prove you are on the level. (Honestly, I feel like asking that of someone who could actually be someone is inhumane, but the spammers have made things this way.))

..and your link looks suspicious. I have no idea what that link points to, and I'm definitely not clicking on it.

It links to his game. Yes, I'm that bold... or foolish.

As for the game, I didn't get very far before I decided that 'Beta' is far too generous a label. Honestly, it's barely out of alpha as far as content and development goes.



I wasn't trying to be mean at all, CodeNick. You asked.

You haven't offended or bothered me at all. I thought you might be a spammer at first, but after a few posts I decided you simply keep your posts short and to the point, which is perfectly fine.

...but one of the biggest things Windows users need to avoid is opening strange web pages, and your link is a prime example of what not to click.

Ok I was just trying to shorten it but I see what you mean. Here is the strait up link:

Then I apologize. Spam has increased around here lately and I mistook you for one of the bots.
I'm sorry.

I had the same problem when I tried talking about a Captain America cartoon. Either that, or no one here likes Captain America. Eum. Don't ask me.

So far we have yet to find a good way to tell the difference between actual spam and real people's questions. There is a suggestion that we could count the number of posts posted, or age of the account.

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