Recategorizing Sandpit Games

I hope this is the right category for this. My Squiffy game A Fly on the Wall, or An Appositional Eye was dumped into the sandpit because it lacked object descriptions. This was a conscious design choice. The text at the beginning of the game has very few object descriptions, but as the game continues, there is an opportunity to examine everything important at least once. You don't need to examine most things more than once. I didn't want to clutter the screen with unnecessary links, which would have just distracted the player. Do games that just list choices at the bottom of the screen get placed in the sandpit, too?

So how do I get my game out of the sandpit? Is posting here the right approach, or do I contact a moderator?


Hello Nigel.

When i try the "A Fly on the Wall, or An Appositional Eye" game one css file are missing and the game dont works fine.

This is the capture.

I use a screen reader, so I don't know what the screen capture shows, but I think I know the problem: The style sheet is in the wrong directory. Do I upload the game again with the problem fixed?

Thanks for your help.


Yes, upload the game with the problem solved and I test it.

Okay, I've uploaded the game again. I hope this works; My screen reader reads it okay, but it also worked with the last version. I think it reads out the links that people couldn't see, so I didn't know anything was wrong.


I see it has been added to the "horror" category now. Thanks.


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