A game from the "outside" (not a Quest game)

OK, new guy here...
I have a game I am working on and would like some feed back from a new source.
I have worked on this thing for over 3 years, off and on, and I am trying to get back into it...
BUT... this is the hitch, I wrote this in VB6, so this would be totally outside of what you have seen.
I will warn you, it is adult themed and involves some fetishes.
It is text based and currently has lots of dead ends that need connected back to the main story line.
Compiled, it is over 1Mb in size. (1,052 Kb)
Anyone interested, and what suggestions would you have to keep it out of the hands of the "kiddies"???

OK, looking around here, this is a Quest only site...
When I figure out more with Quest, I'll upload a teaser to see how many would be interested in seeing more of it.

It's not a Quest-only site - you can upload anything that runs on the web (my games use homemade javascript engines.) I'm not sure what that means for VB6 though.

Visual Basic 6...
The game is compiled so that it is a standalone executable program.
A web program is not used.

I did see that for submitted games, they were required to be Quest based.
But, if interested, I can point you to the download link.

There hasn't been much activity on this, so... for those interested, here is the link...
[well, I can't post the link!!!!??]
If there is enough interest, I will see what I can do to convert it to Quest...
The only problem is that I do not know (yet) what it would take to re-write it
and what it would take to do some of the stuff I've done in the program...
The program is stand alone, no program required to run it, and no install program.
There are some dead ends, (I'm working on that now for the next release)
Any questions, just ask...

[well, I can't post the link!!!!??]

Of course you can post the link. If you don't know Markdown syntax, just put it in angle brackets.

If there is enough interest, I will see what I can do to convert it to Quest...

As Robin pointed out above, it doesn't have to be Quest. You can publish here most game formats that can run in a web browser: Quest, Squiffy, Twine, Texture, Inform games, custom JS engines...

Just put the link on a line on its own and it will magically become a link.

As I've said before... this is compiled, it does not run in a web browser...
It is a stand alone program.
Adventure 04_2.exe
OK, I've tried the "<" link">" and it still won't work...
I keep getting
"Sorry, you can't post that here. " In a big red bar...

Perhaps there's an anti-phishing filter in place. Too many people are dumb enough to just click any link to an .exe file without checking what it is. Try posting just the location of your game; where is it hosted?

Broken down..

Got it! Unfortunately it won't run in Wine for lack of a Visual Basic runtime library (MSVBVM60.DLL). You might have to package it with the game, if the license allows.


for windows, this is in the windows\system32 folder.
I will keep the package option in mind when I get this finished.

Okay, it runs! What can I say... it all seems pretty clear. Stuff works. The user interface can be made pretty later. I don't care for the subject matter, but whatevs. In the way of complaints, please don't disable the close button on the game window -- learn to handle it in code. And don't rely on modal message boxes for the intro and conclusion. They should go in the same main textbox as everything else.

To answer your original question, if you mean copy protection my answer is don't do it. The "kiddies" will just crack it in no time, while buyers (I'm assuming you plan to sell this one day) will be inconvenienced -- the opposite of what you want! Just give people reasons to pay honestly for the game, and they will if they can.

Last but not least, it occurs to me that you'd find a more interested audience in a forum dedicated to BASIC games. The sdlBasic forums for instance have a section for other programming languages, and it's a small place with friendly people. Hope this helps!

I have a more updated version where I have moved the message boxes into the main form.
I'll fix the close button.

Thanks for the pointer to basic games... that's more my speed...
---- your link just bounces me through to google accounts...

And thanks for the feed back...
If you play some more, the game has a lot of internal variances... and the sex of the player does make a difference...

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