** The Castle of Vourtram ** in need of beta testers

I'm working in this game since ... I can't remember! But finally it is ready.
The game is an epic/fantasy/RPG text adventure where you can play a warrior, a mage, or a thief in a quest to rescue the princess from the evil wizard, and save the Kingdom. Each class has unique ways to solve some puzzles, so you can play it three times if you want to see all possible paths. The warrior class is the only with RPG features (random events and stats).
Now I need volunteers for beta testing. All you have to do is to play and give me feedback in this thread (copy 'n' pasting the output if necessary). Or by using the commentary section.

EDIT: If you want to test the game, please email me and I will send you the link.

[email protected]

The JS version was generated by the "deceased" quest-js and heavily tweaked by me. It is amazing, but that thing still works, and most bugs are easy to fix. At least for a programmer :P

Last, but not least, I'm not a native speaker. This is, after all, a way to test myself. Please be critical and point out any grammar, spelling, and even styling errors. Also pay attention to missing descriptions, missing alias, missing scenery objects, and missing or wrong commands/verbs. Another thing I would appreciate is any logic error such "I should be able to solve this with....".

The game is complete, and can be finished as is. However, should have bugs, perhaps bugs that will force you to restart. And the game is big.

All beta-testers are eligible to be added to the credits list for "posterity".

Thank you for playing!

I have downloaded it and I will give it a look. Do you have an e-mail address I can send comments to?

You can send comments to my email: [email protected]
Thank you !

Within a week, I will have feedback for you too. Looking forward to it and will send feedback to you via email.

Thank you XanMag. Until there I hope to have fixed a few things already :)

"looked" at it, nothing in detail... yet...
Like the font... make it feel medieval...

From one "can't spell" to another...
I did catch a few errors...
in the intro:
...The evil wizard Vourtram aided by an army of demoniac creatures razed most ...
should be: The evil wizard Vourtram, aided by an army of demoniac creatures, razed most ?

... defended by a magical maze that prevents enemy forces to enter.
should be? defended by a magical maze that prevents enemy forces from entering. ?

...by the King's abdication, thus turning him the new King over Gwalinad.
Would this be: making ?

Minor things...
But a good base line story, can't wait to dive into the 3 story lines...

Version update with several spelling/bug fixes pointed out by The Pixie and DarkLizerd. V0.72b.
Thank you very much for the reviews!
Have fun.

Another version update with a lot of spelling fixes. I added some menu options for some commands that interact with two objects (throw and cast, also fixed the use and give to show the menu for almost all inventory objects). V0.74b

(how do I fill the bucket??? I am at the rapids.)

just use bucket with #the object# :)

Haven't forgotten about it. Started a suggestions/corrections document. Will finish soon and email. So far, I'm liking the game. =)

Another version update with more commands (including the fill bucket). V0.75b
Also changed something in the wizard that may break some savegames :/ sorry

V0.76b with improvements in conversation text and more spelling fixes. Bug fixing near the end of the game ("portable portal area"). Fixed the space issue before commas.
If you want to test the game please send me an email, so that I can have a better control of who is playing :)

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