I have a fantasy-genre, text adventure game for anyone to try out. It is better than most of the crap out there, frankly. If you want to try it, send me a (private) message and I'll send you the link for you to download it (it is big -- lots of sound/image files). Thanks.

Okay, I'll try it.

To anyone who wants to try the game:

This game can only be played on the desktop in Quest 5.8. It is about 200 MB in size. Private message me your e-mail and I will send you the link to Google Drive.

Hi! My email is [email protected] Be happy to check it.

@RomanV -
I have e-mailed you the link.

@Everyone -
For your own protection (so spammers don't see and collect your e-mail), instead of posting your e-mail here, send it to me via the Quest forum's private messaging service by clicking on my name and then clicking on the black envelope icon. Thanks.

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