Gamebook: new Text Adventures app

Dear friends!

I am happy to announce a brand new IF project that, I hope, will interest many IF readers and writers.

Today I finally released my collection of text adventures. It’s called Gamebook, it’s an app available for Android and iOS 2

What text adventure do we have as of today? Well, there are 5:

“Bureaucracy” is a humorous tale of you and fir trees by Roman Vartanov (me) and Sergey Savin

“Jury Duty” is a quest about trying to figure out whether the accused is actually guilty and what’s your role in all that. By Roman Vartanov

“Yet Another Tuesday” is a series of unforeseeable events with many unique endings by Roman Vartanov.

“Interpreter” quest will let you experience one evening in the life of a freelance interpreter who has certain weakness for certain substances. By Roman Vartanov.

“Internship” is a story of one day of you, young psychologist, trying to substitute for an experienced therapist. By Roman Vartanov and Sergey Savin.

I am looking for new authors willing to write for Gamebook now. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me in case you want your text adventure published in Gamebook. Why would you want that? Well, your story will be adopted for iOS and Android and if everything goes well - translated into other languages and, of course, you will be receiving your share of profit.

At the moment the app is very new and I don’t have millions for promoting it, but I am sure it has big potential and I would really really love your help with reviews, glitch finding, sharing and telling your friends about Gamebook.

I hope, you’ll enjoy using Gamebook.
Once again, the link is 2
Your review and comment will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. The app is 100% ad free, and 3 out of 5 text adventures can be played for free.

It has been brought to my attention that our link forwarder was Russian made, which scared some people away. That is completely understandable, so if this was the case with someone here - please, use

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