Feral Pokemon Text Adventure (WIP) (18+)

So, I have been convinced by a friend to give this another shot, though I, by no means, have paused my project because of this.

Earlier I was discouraged because of someone who shall remain unnamed being wrong in his assumptions.

Who am I?

You may call me Dragon, and I am the author of several fanfiction and original stories of BL content- Boys' Love, or Male/Male, if there is someone that did not know what BL meant... -smiles sheepishly- I have dabbled in CYoA- Choose Your Own Adventure's- for a long time now but have never really completed one.


Because I overthink them too much... or get discouraged from one bad review... -frowns-

But no matter, because I have started a project that I intend to keep going.

And it is just as the title says. It is a feral Pokemon Text Adventure, CYoA. While, yes, humans and trainers are in the story, they have nothing to do with the sexual aspect of it.

And, as such, I will post what I failed to do the first time, to clarify things.

"Disclaimer: This CYoA is purely for fictional purposes. Neither the characters nor the series, i.e. Pokemon, belong to the creator of this CYoA.
As such, any images used within this CYoA also do not belong to the creator. They belong, respectively, to the original artists of each fanart.
Furthermore, actual Pokemon sizes may not apply.

Warnings: You must be 18 years of age or older to read this CYoA. Contents may or may-not include Feral Sexual Content, Non-Consented or Dubiously Consented Content, Mature Language, Graphic Violence, and LGBT Material.
This story contains gay Pokemon and will contain Male/Male sexual content.
If this offends you or makes you uncomfortable, do not proceed.

Read at Your Own Risk."

This Disclaimer and Warning is presented at the start of the CYoA, but I have put it here for any who wish to assume what this is without looking at it.

This CYoA is not Pokephilia, thank you very much, and that anyone would assume so without looking... well, no matter.

-sighs- Anyway, thank you if you're still here after my little rant...~ -smiles sheepishly-

I have only started on one of the Pokemon's story-lines, but I hope to start the others as I reach a certain point in the first one~ -purrs-

I know it's a little early to ask this, but any reviews or constructive criticism from you guys will be appreciated~ -grins-

~ Dragon

Wild & Free - https://writer.inklestudios.com/stories/p853

Did someone delete your other post? It wasn't me.

Also, I'm not good with vocabulary. (Autism) If you weren't writing whatever, then you weren't writing whatever. I did not mean anything bad.

I'm sorry... I was just, a little discouraged, that's all, after reading your other message. I don't mind that the other post had been deleted. It gave me a second chance to clarify things~ -smiles- Thank you, though. I guess I understand why you thought what you did, even without giving my little project a chance.

I'm sticking around though, and if people don't like it, well, I did warn them, did I not~? -grins cheekily-

I just hope more people like it than dislike it, you know~? -purrs-

~ Dragon

'Kay, nice! I just want everyone to get along!

(I'm actually a big Pokemon fan myself. My favorite character is Harley. https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&source=hp&ei=VEQoWrKeFKyN_QbZ5rTYCw&q=pokemon+harley&oq=pokem&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.35i39k1l2j0i131i20i264k1j0i131k1j0i131i20i264k1j0i131k1l2j0l3.1168.1861.0.3599. I have my own fanfiction.net account and deviantart (Dragonghosto'PKMN, jnsucker12) for him!)

(And sorry, it appears your game actually has a plot and non-sexual content...)

Hehe, awesome~ -grins- My favorite is Gary, to be honest, despite his stuck-up nature~ -snickers-

And yeah, it's definitely not PWP, -smirks- but to be honest, I was hoping people would take an interest because of both aspects, you know? Each Pokemon has its own story that has different possibilities, depending on what the reader decides to do~ Who knows, you might even get (lucky/unlucky, depending on what you're going for) and get a route that is completely SFW~?

It's why I wanted to do this project, not only for the fun of it, but because people can experience a little bit of everything with this~ -purrs-

~ Dragon

Gary gives me mixed feelings. He was a major jerk to Ash for quite a while, never giving him a chance. But I like that they decided to have variety with their characters, so that there are both jerks and nice people in the show. I especially liked him after he and Ash became friends.

I guess that's also why I like Harley. That and he's the gay king (or queen) of gayness, and has actually learned to use homosexual attraction/flirting to his advantage. I could go on and on. That's why I have a fanfiction and a deviantart account!

It's why I wanted to do this project, not only for the fun of it, but because people can experience a little bit of everything with this~ -purrs-

Cool. When I started out on here, I just needed a hobby to waste time. It's been almost a year already (I joined sometime in April or May). My goal is to create a working Pokemon game with Pokemon, and the ability to catch them, with Gym Leaders and everything! I've already published two games as practice! I do love my other games, though!


Ah~ Sorry! I've been super busy this past week... -shakes head-

That all sounds really cool~ -grins- I don't think I'd ever be able to keep up with something like that if I ever tried...~ I tried creating RPG's a while back as small projects, but overthought them and kinda ended up giving up on them... -smiles sheepishly-

~ Dragon

That's cool. I found out on here over thinking things on here is a normal problem. Not exactly sure why. I guess it's something new coders do. I've only been 'coding' for a year, but I love watching videos about video games on YouTube, and I've learned a thing or two about coding. I guess I inherited it from my father. Also, my autism helps sort things out, and helps me code.

"Boy Lord"
Do you mean "Boys' Love"? LOL!

Shit! -laughs- I totally didn't catch that mistype~ Thanks for pointing that out~ -grins-

But yeah, that's exactly why coding is so hard for me, because I overthink things~ -shrugs-

~ Dragon

Any progress, I guess?

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