Primal Battle Z - Arcade Mode Demo

This is a crossover fan-fic game. Inspired by anime, comics, rpg and fighting games.
You can choose one of 20 characters.


This is... interesting.

I'm nobody who plays such games a lot, so it's probably more obvious for people familiar with the genre. But i don't understand what's going on there without a tutorial, making the demo somewhat lackluster. You want to show off you fightign system in depth, don't you? Fighternames together with pictures would also be nice. (But hey, i identified Storm!)

Also, are you certain you can publish this as it is? Copyright is a thing. And although most authors are fairly chill with fan fiction, people that put efforts into images and sounds are more jumpy about people using their assets. (Note: idk if any of this is original work. My reverse image search engine is picky about stuff out of browser games.)

But, this demo is unfinished. I have to work on round settings, and fix on several things. I put this fan fic game together for people to enjoy. This is entirely free. A tutorial into the game is a good idea. Putting the code and files together is a tough process.

I've played this before. It's a good game.

I hope your game gets updated soon!

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

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