435 Well Street Demo


A game about an abandoned house at the end of a dirt road, the family within that mysteriously went missing, and your findings as you search for answers to what happened.

It's only a demo for now, the game is still a work in progress. This is one of those games where searching thoroughly is recommended. I'm hoping this will be a fun game and not too hard or too easy.

Planned features for the full game are:
Multiple solutions to problems. Didn't grab something you should have a couple rooms back? No problem!
NPCs that could be helpful or not, it all depends on who you talk to

Not sure what feedback you want for an unfinished game. But you could start by giving objects descriptions. For example, in the living room:

x armchair
I can't see that.

x rocking chair
I can't see that.

x toys
I can't see that.

x table
I can't see that.

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