Ghetto Grind - a text-adventure GTA type game

Hi guys, I'm Camero2K and a hobbyist game developer. I actually like Quest because it is a real training camp for people lacking graphic design (like me, of course). Now without further ado, let me present you my project "Ghetto Grind".

It's a (seemingly) typical "ghetto type" game made in text adventure, but I'm trying to keep the game inline with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with plot, environment and gameplay. Currently the game is in alpha stage and has some decent things to do; like cooking meals (chicken, pasta, meat etc.), involving in gang fights, finding yourself new and (gradually) better jobs, interacting with environment and people and some realistic commands like sleeping and thinking.

However, at the time of writing this entry, something remains buggy and gameplay remains largely cryptic. I'll add enough things to do and fix these issues and eventually release an alpha build of this game before advancing into beta status.

Any ideas are welcomed.

Currently released an alpha 3 on
You can play it right here at:

Today is start of beta stage.
New ideas, advanced features are coming to the game in this stage. Already neat in itself, it will be even neater than ever. Other than missions, avaliable activities and new characters, I also plan to improve the "choose-your-own" aspect of the game to add more player control to the plot.
By this entry, I've also fixed an array of great features, like calling somebody on phone and some small bugs in missions. Though it still lacks a lot of things to enchance the gameplay, which are coming soon.
I've also implemented a backstory, it goes like this: You're a young black male who lost his mom at a young age. A very violent gang war started and took your father and elder brother away as well and you have to find yourself a way to sustain your life. During your journey, you meet with different characters to learn about the gang war and solve the mystery running around your hood.
Any ideas and feedbacks are welcomed.

It's really impressive, what you're doing. I imagine walking out of Grove Street, and that I'm working at the Clucking Bell around the corner ^_^

But yeah, even at this stage, the way the gangs roam around and you get missions and go tow work, really cool.

I know it's a work in progress obviously, but just so you know, I was able to simply take all the guns from the gun shop without paying for anything.

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