Looking for feedback on user interface


I've posted previously but have developed my game engine a lot further since then and would like some feedback on my game's interface. It's built in Squiffy but I have undertaken some fairly extensive modification to the core engine.

If you are playing on mobile use: http://damian.me/game

Alternatively, if you are playing on PC use: http://damian.me/game/pc.php

The story is essentially just filler to help me test the engine and what I really want to know is whether you were comfortable navigating the story.

I played the demo through and found the interface very intuitive and natural. Even started to get drawn into the story (and i'm an ole fart). Nice job on the modifications.

Played on desktop PC...
The title appeared to vibrate left to right and change colours - White with tinges of green & red on right hand edge.
Setting for Language didn't have any effect. I had it set to OFF but still got some swearing coming through.
Responses from others are too fast to read before they move(jump) up the screen. Which in turn makes it hard to keep up with the story(?).
Otherwise, I guess it looks like a reasonable effort to replicate a mobile phone. Just a few more tweaks and you'll have it.

Thanks both. The glitching of the title is intentional and the profanity filter is not yet linked up.

The speed of text is really hard to get right, and I appreciate your comments. Everyone reads differently and it's hard to find a speed that suits everyone. For the most part it's broken up when the user is required to make a choice, so perhaps I'll just have to add a few more of these in.

you can always have an option for letting them choose the speed of the text too (like how in old RPGs how you can have/choose-between 3 speeds for how quickly it displays the text on the screen)

My only concern with that approach is that I don't want all characters to text as fast as each other. For example, in the story above, when you first directly text Ryan there is an extra delay before he responds - intended to add tension.

That said, I could easily tie loading to a Javascript variable, and then use a multiple of it for specific characters - which would still allow the user to select the general speed they are comfortable with.

if you use it as a multiplier (and design your game's texts' speeds to be able to be used with this multiplier), then it'd keep/preserve the ratios of the different speeds of the various sections/parts of your code/game

or, it may even be possible to have dynamic controls for speeds too: being able to at any moment change the speed of the text... at least I think it'd be possible, if you're a good programmer, you can probably create 'hook' keys for increasing/decreasing the text speed.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Will give it a go as I need to implement a "fast-forward" feature too, so can kill two birds with one proverbial stone.

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