Pokèmon GameBook || Ready For Reviews! v.0.5

Hi guys, It's me again!

Thanks @Amochure & @jmnevil54 for your reviews in my last thread.

Here is the story without typos and alerts ( website says text is annoying ).


Hopefully the story is long enough for you guys to give proper review.. ;)

P.S. Click on Pokèmon GameBook title if you want to restart.

Charmander's scratch isn't a fire type move, but oooookay....

Anyways, it's good to see you're making a lot of progress!

You're right, scratch is a normal type move. ( I'm not a big fan of pokemon, so i may not remember which move is of which type ).

I'll correct that later and will have a look at bulbapedia.com , to avoid that kind of mistakes in future. :)

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