H2O: A Drop in the Ocean. A new kind of an adventure game

We are releasing a text-based AI-assisted adventure game in about a month. This is a 100% complete project. We are looking to build audience who would play and spread the word. Audience participation is part of the experience as it continues to train the AI. No two play-throughs are the same. In return you will get the game free and also have yours or your project’s name appear in the game itself. Interested? You can read more about the project and sign up here:


I'm not sure what game I signed up for and I will forget about it later. Nice job explaining what the game is about.

If you provided your e-mail address we'll contact you. :-) No worries.

This looks awesome! An AI based game sounds amazing, and can really open up possibilities into what kind of stories a player can go through! As far as I know, your game is the first of it's kind. It's like a peek into what the future of games could be, an AI giving everyone an individual experience and letting discussion go wild. I can't wait to see how it will turn out!


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